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Silver Star Bike Park video reaches half a million views on YouTube

Tue, 12/06/2012 - 7:53 am












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Each summer, Silver Star Bike Park creates a number of video updates and promo videos for the bike park to help promote the bike park in a digital and video driven market place. As a whole, biking is a very video and digital oriented segment of the market, and typical bike park videos receive upwards of 50,000 views on web based mountain bike magazines like Pinkbike ( However, Silver Star Bike Park 2011 Ep. 1 has generated more than half a million views since being uploaded to YouTube in July 2011, more than any Silver Star ski or bike video before.

Silver Star Bike Park 2011 Ep. 1 was shot and edited by local video artists Matt Butterworth and Eric Marciniak who are local Kelowna mountain bikers. Matt and Eric have since created a new arts and media company called Virtu Media which specializes in multimedia projects. ( and

Featuring Silver Star sponsored riders, Noah Brousseau, Harrison Mendel, Garrett Robertson, Spencer Graf, and Wes Booth, Silver Star Bike Park Ep. 1 captures the fun vibe and easy going nature of the Silver Star Bike Park and summer operations at Silver Star.

“We’re really stoked to see our video have so much success. We look forward to making more videos for the bike park this coming summer” commented Matt Butterworth and Eric Marciniak of Virtu Media.

“It’s great to see our summer product get such attention and exposure,” commented Ian Galbraith, summer business manager. “This video really epitomizes the fun and playful side of mountain biking in our bike park. Passionate people build and design our park and it really shows in videos like this. Hopefully we can see this video get to a million views”, added Galbraith.

Silver Star Bike Park opens for an early season bonus weekend June 23 & 24 and then closes mid-week until June 29, when the park opens full time seven days a week. Don’t miss some of the great events at Silver Star this summer like the BC Cup downhill race, 5 Peaks Trail running race and Mountain Bike Festival.

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