Nordic at Silver Star

What is Nordic?

For centuries in the snow-covered North, skis were required to chase game and gather firewood in wintertime. With long distances between the small, isolated communities and hard, snowy winters, skiing also became important as means of keeping in social contact.

The word “ski” is a Norwegian word that comes from the Old Norse word “skid”, a split length of wood. Different types of skis emerged at various regions at about the same time. One type had a horizontal toe-piece binding. The modern ski bindings are based on the Fennoscandian model of the 19th century. The East Siberian type was a thin board with a vertical four-hole binding. Sometimes it was covered with fur. The Lapps used a horizontal stem-hole binding. Present-day cross country skis were developed from the type used by the Lapps.

Norwegian army units were skiing for sport (and prizes) in the 18th century. Skiing for sport appeared in Norway in the mid-19th century; the first race on record is 1842.The famous Holmenkollen ski festival started in 1892, with the focus initially on the Nordic combined event. However in 1901, a separate cross country race was added to the festival. The men’s event debuted at the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix in 1924 and the women’s event debuted at the 1952 Oslo Games. The sport has traditionally been dominated by the Nordic countries.

Today, Nordic skiing continues to grow, especially in North America where more and more people are discovering its recreational and health benefits. Modern Nordic skiing essentially encompasses any style of skiing with a ‘free heel’ and includes

  • Cross Country > classic & skating
  • Ski Flying (ski jumping)
  • Biathlon
  • Telemark
  • Ski Touring
  • Snow Shoeing

Why Silver Star for Nordic?

“Voted the #1 Nordic destination by US National Ski Team.”

Forbes Travel Magazine

There's no better way to experience the beauty of Silver Star than exploring our Nordic trails. With over 60 kilometers of pristine track-set trails, stunning views, thoughtful grooming and our famous champagne powder we offer superb Nordic skiing for any level.

If you have wondered why more and more alpine skiers are adding nordic skiing to their day on the mountain it’s time to make Silver Star nordic your own!

Elite Nordic skiers and coaches have this to say about training and competing at Silver Star Mountain Resort:

“Silver Star really is my favorite early season training site, with its great snow and abundance of trails. The atmosphere and amenities offered within the resort are second to none”

Beckie Scott
2002 Olympic Medallist Nordic Skiing

“Silver Star is the ultimate Nordic winter paradise. My favorite thing about Silver Star is the evening workouts. Skiing from the door, through the snow mushrooms on the trees, and watching the sun set over the Monashee Mountains is something that keeps me coming back.”

Sara Renner
2002 Olympian Nordic Skiing
Currently ranked Top 30 in the World

“Silver Star Ski Resort is the premier year-round cross country ski training centre in North America and definitely one of the better centres in the world. All of the facilities are of an excellent quality and everything is in walking distance that is needed to support teams and athletes. The trail system has all the variability, from World Cup to tourist level, that is necessary to support learning skiers to the world's best (i.e. Beckie Scott, silver medallist, 2002 Olympics). Climate is moderate, so there is never compromising of training due to cold and the most necessary item, snow, is very abundant. The walk out the door access to all facilities gives coaches and athletes the greatest flexibility in developing training plans on a daily and essentially a minute-by-minute basis.

If you aren't at Silver Star in November and are preparing for the upcoming season, you have missed where it is happening!”

Marty Hall
Team Canada and US Team Head Coach
Olympics, World Championship, World Cup & Trail Designer