The Bulldog Grand Café

An addition to the renowned Bulldog Amsterdam

The Bulldog Grand Café is an extension of The BulldogAmsterdam, a renowned Dutch establishment.
The ambiance in the restaurant is that of the infamous 'Brown Bars' in a grand café setting. The menu offers a large variety of foods, mostly concentrated on Dutch & Thai-Indonesian Cuisine with a hint of West Coast Fusion. All the menu items are prepared from the freshest ingredients and all baked items are homemade in our bakery. Our qualified Canadian & Indonesian chefs have created a perfect marriage of tastes between East & West. The BulldogGrand Café the ideal place to enjoy a casual meal or drink, either in the main café or the large covered, heated Patio Lounge.

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New menus coming soon.

Location: At the end of Main street opposite the car park

Hours: Please call for our hours of operation

Phone: (250) 542-2459