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Meet our team of instructors handpicked from around the globe

Our instructors are highly skilled professionals from many parts of the world, ask if they can speak your language.

Norman Kreutz

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3, Mountain Guide Level 1, Level 4 Examiner

Favorite Run: All of Putnam Creek

With 35 years of coaching and teaching experience Silver Star’s Director of Snowsports, Norman Kreutz, has a long list of credentials. He starting skiing at a young age racing with the Lake Superior Ski Division in his home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Moving out west in 1979 teaching skiing became his passion. By 1983 Norman had achieved his Level 4 CSIA certification and became a Course Conductor shortly thereafter. 1984 saw Norman move further west to run the Silver Star Snowsport School. In 1988 Norman took on duties as Western Course Director for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. Throughout his 14 years with the CSIA he had the opportunity to ski throughout the world and most notably be involved as either coach or skier in no less than four Interski teams. Norman has been, and still is, a mentor to all in the ski instruction industry in Canada; incredibly well respected for his skiing and teaching ability.

Best Moment on Skis: Watching his sons become the accomplished skiers they have become. Skiing with my wife Debbie. Skiing in a Demonstration with Cam Watson during Interski 87 in Banff. It was like we were attached by a string. Completing 49 runs in 2 hours of skiing at the Mountain Smoker, Broken River, New Zealand. World Powder Eight Championships skiing with my bud Steve Smart.

Favourite Teaching Moment: Coaching my Snowsport School on morning session. Getting a 67-year-old lady who had never been on snow before to experience the thrill of turning, Broken River, New Zealand 1982. Being mentored by the king of teaching Martin Olson. Watching my sons Alex and Matthew compete in racing events or just free skiing.


Simon Woodward

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Level 2 Trained

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen and BX Express

Simon Woodward (or Woody as he is commonly known!) is originally from the UK. He spent 9 years in the IT industry before leaving IBM and following his dream of becoming a ski instructor. Woody initially started as an instructor here at Silver Star before becoming a Supervisor, Manager of the Star Kids Centre and now the Snowsports School Business Manager. This is Woody's 9th season working at Silver Star and is looking forward to the next.

Woody loves speed and the excitement of competing in the Over The Hill Downhill Race that is held annually at Silver Star. He has been clocked at over 105 km/h but this year hopes to top 110 km/h and can’t wait to meet everyone who comes to the resort to participate in this great event!

Woody is committed to making the Snowsports School at Silver Star the best school in Canada to learn and work at! He is passionate about the sports he loves and welcomes anyone that sees him to say hello and tell him about their experience at the resort.

Guy Paulsen

Qualifications: Alpine (CSIA Level 4), Nordic (CANSI Level 3), Tele Level 2, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1

Favorite Run:

Guy Paulsen has been a member of the Silver Star Ski School for over 25 years and has represented both Silver Star Mountain Resort and the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance nationally and internationally at numerous ski-related events and competitions.
“Winter is such a great time of the year and being able to share my experience and passion for alpine, nordic and telemark skiing is a true joy for me. Look forward to meeting you…..”
Alpine (CSIA Level 4 / Level 4 Course Examiner) Nordic (CANSI Level 3 / Level 1 Course Examiner – track / Level 2 –telemark) Alpine Racing (CSCF Level 2) Ski Guiding (CSGA Level 1) Snowboard (CASI Level 1)

Aiden Mattingly

Alec Grose

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, Terrain Park Certification

Favorite Run: Mineshaft

I grew up in Ontario where the slopes are icy and the terrain isn’t as exciting, but my family found time to put me through ski school. I learned how to ski at Boler Mountain in London, Ontario. I passed my Level 3 exam through the rookie academy at Treble Cone Mountain in Wanaka, New Zealand. I moved out to B.C. when I was 22 and I think I'm here to stay. I enjoy freeriding in the pow, scoping out fun lines and jibbing around in the terrain park. My goal as an instructor is to help my students to discover their full potential and guide them to becoming a well-rounded skier.

Alex La Frenais

Qualifications: BASI LEVEL 1

Favourite Runs: Whiskey Jack, Chute 5, Stardust

My second season at Silver Star, Hooray!  With a British snowboard qualification and a background in sports coaching I hope to be able to share my knowledge and love for the sport with others and look forward to another awesome season!!!  P.S. I’m a massive Arsenal fan so if there are any football (soccer) fans out there, please come and have a chat.

Alex Burrows

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Entry Level (Trained), AST Level 1

Favorite Run: Shooting Star

This is my second season at Silver Star, having sandwiched a season down under at Perisher in between. I learned to ski 15 years ago on the dry slopes in England. After numerous trips to The Alps I was hooked on everything skiing had to offer. I decided to become an instructor so that I could pass on the knowledge and passion I have for skiing. I can’t wait to see someone’s face light up after they have mastered a new skill and being able to watch them develop the passion I have for the sport.  Away from skiing I am a very keen cricketer and spent my time at Newcastle University coaching the Ladies Cricket Team.

Amy MacDougall

This is my second season at Silverstar. I’m from sunny Melbourne, Australia. I started snowboarding about 5 years ago, but I had 2 years off for a ‘real job’ but in the middle of last year I decide I couldn’t do it anymore and I had to come back and live the dream.

Amy McFarlane

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

Favorite Run:

Started skiing at 5 years old, and snowboarding at 8 on the local artificial slope in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was race captain for my university’s snowsports club and got us to best in Britain for the 2nd year in a row.

Back for a second season in Silver Star after a summer of snowboarding in a snow dome and artificial snow in Scotland. Looking forward to being back at the Snow School and on real snow!

Angus Wooley

 Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 1, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

I have been skiing at Silver Star since discovering it on holiday in 1999 and have been teaching since 2005. Silver Star manages to combine a large, varied ski area with a small village with a real community feel.  I took lessons from the Silver Star Snowsports School which instilled a passion for the sport and a desire to pass this on. I was fortunate enough to change our life to enable my ‘real’ job as a consultant to the offshore oil and gas industry to take a back seat for four months of the year. I enjoy teaching all levels and love to see a student’s attitude change from ‘I can’t do that’ to ‘I did that’.

Annie Thallon

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CASI Level 2, CSCF Level 1 Trained, CSIA Snow Park

Favourite Run: Gowabunga on a powder day

Originally from Cairns, Australia, I've always loved being outdoors.  Back for my 4th winter, Silver Star is my 2nd home. Having a love for skiing, snowboarding and helping people, instructing is what makes me happy and brings me back every season. Loving everything Silver Star does, whether it be in the winter or the summer, I am stoked to pass that on to everyone as well as helping each guest have a great time and to shred the mountain.

Art Noiles


Favourite Run:


Ben Wakefield

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3 and Snow Park
Favorite Run:  The Back side!

Hey, this will be my second season here at Silverstar and I cannot wait. Originally I’m from England but now I spend most of my time over here in Canada. Last season I worked extremely hard and passed my Level 3, this was a massive achievement I made and now I’m back I hope to keep improving, help you improve and together have the most FUN you’ll ever have on the slopes.

In the summer I’m a White water rafting guide, so not the worst life. So if I can help an 80 year old women from Vietnam who is scared of water have fun, I know I can help you get the fun out of skiing! I look forward to seeing you out there!

Ben-Tzu Chang

Born in Taiwan but grew up in New Zealand. First jumped on the snowboard 10 years ago and have loved it ever since. I’ve taught the past two seasons at Cardrona, NZ and decided to skip this NZ summer and come to Canada to teach some more snowboarding (Yes, our summer is in December, and we go to the beach for Christmas). This is my  first season at Silver Star and I couldn’t be more excited to teach here and getting to ride some sweet powder and having Christmas in the snow.

Beth Gwilliam

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3

Favorite Run: All of the ‘Headwall’ and ‘The Rush’

I started skiing at the age of 7 in England on dry ski slopes, and got hooked. Each year we’d go on family skiing holidays to France, which would be the highlight of the year.  I’ve now been teaching back to back winters for the past six years all over the world. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the look on someone’s face when they are learning a new skill and watching them develop a passion for the sport that I love. Now returning to Silver Star again for another season I can’t wait to do it all over again. 

Bob Fleming

Brian Gorman

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

Favourite Run: The next one, 
Second Favourite: The last one. 

Brian has been teaching skiing for twenty one years. Originally an instructor in Southern Ontario, he discovered Silver Star five years ago. He fell in love with the people, the terrain and the village. He knew this was the place for him. Favourite teaching moment is always that look a client gets when looking back at having successfully conquered a run, that they had previously felt was beyond them. 
Best Experience on Skis: being part of the medical team involved in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, as a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. 
Number one Goal: Making skiing FUN, SAFE, EASIER.

Caitlin O'Sullivan

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run:  Where’s Bob

Caitlin has been coming to Silver Star for 11 years all the way from Sydney, Australia, and has come to consider it a home away from home.  She just finished studying and is ready to have some fun on the slopes!  The amazing, relaxed atmosphere and the multi-cultural group of people visiting Silver Star are her favourite things about the mountain.  The adrenaline rush that one can get while skiing is what drew her to the sport, and the fun that can be had while skiing with friends is what kept her doing it. Having visited Europe, America, Canada, Indonesia, and of course Australia, Caitlin has found that skiing at Silver Star is the best way to live!


Qualifications:  CSIA Level 2, CSIA Snow Park

Favorite Run: I can’t choose just one fav run!!

My ski experience started when I was three years old and over the past several years, I’ve focused primarily on freestyle skiing.  Terrain Park is where my heart is!  I began teaching as soon as I was old enough to write my Level 1 and simply LOVE being able to share what I’ve learned with others.  It’s so great when someone I’m working with “gets” it – so cool!!

Winter is the season I wait for all year, and every free moment is spent on the hill and in the park.  I can’t wait to hit some rails, runs and jumps with you.

Daniella Lenton

I have been skiing at Silver Star Ski resort since I was 2 years old. This year will be my 16th season at Silver Star and my 3rd season ski instructing. I have a true passion for skiing and the beautiful outdoors!

Darren Richmond

Qualifications: Level 4 CSIA Level 4 examiner (not currently examining) CSCF2 and CASI1

Favorite run: Anything Deep and Steep with a few drops thrown in for fun. Headwalls are my normal go to runs.

Favorite skiing moment: There are many moments that stand out; world powder 8 championships, CSIA and world technical skiing championships are some of my favorite memories from my competitive years. Now remembering a run with my family on a sunny Silver Star day, carving corduroy and enjoying the views of the spectacular snow ghosts are some of the moments that stand out.

BIO: I started my skiing career in the early 80's while growing up in Rocky  Mountain house, Alberta. Commuting to Banff, Ab. to get coaching from the Banff Alpine Racers started a solid foundation of skills and a love for skiing. This translated to starting my first instructing job at Canyon Ski area in Red Deer Ab. in 1986, I then on to Sunshine Village and Banff where I achieved my level four certification in 1992. I first started working at Silver Star that same year and progressed up to Director of skiing by 1999 and continued examining courses for the CSIA working up to Level 4 examiner as well as Western Technical Committee Chairperson.  I retired from a full time role for the resort in 2001 and now work as a General contractor in my Company Richbuilt Homes. I enjoy bringing a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to coach some of the great programs Silver Star offers.

Favorite Teaching moment: In about 1989 I taught an elderly couple to ski for the first time, they were both in their early 70's and were thrilled with their accomplishment. In 1992 the same couple returned for another lesson and I discovered that In the years since the first lesson this couple had spent three straight years traveling from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere for year round winter, and had been skiing all over the globe.

Dave Robb

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1, CASI Coach 1

Favourite Run: Any of our groomed runs that have a fresh dust of light powder.

With over 30 years instructing and race coach experience, Dave brings a high level of enthusiasm, patience and knowledge to his daily ski lessons. Having taught small children including his own 2 girls, teenage demons, timid adults and black diamond hot shots, he has all the right credentials to make your lesson enjoyable and rewarding.

Best moment on skis: The time when a client skis a blue or black run for the first time. 
Favourite Teaching moment: Teaching a senior lady from England who was recovering from cancer to ski Far Out when her real reason for coming to Silver Star was to bring her nephew and just let him ski. 


Denys Lawrence

Qualifications: CANSI XC Level 3, CANSI XC Course Conductor, CANSI Tele LeveI 1 Instructor, CSIA Level 1 Instructor, NCCP Level 1 Coach

Favorite Run: World Cup (Nordic) and High Lead (Alpine)

Hi, I’m ‘Denys the Menys’, a year round resident of Silver Star and currently in my 24th season of involvement with the Resort. As a multi-sport athlete,I divide my time between outrigger paddling and mountain biking in the summer, and ice hockey, cross country and alpine skiing in the winter. I love to teach, and am passionate for the encouragement of others to find the fun in learning. I love to show off ‘my’ mountain and am happy to share the stories of its history. “Come Ski With Me!”

Eamon Doherty

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF 2, CSIA Course Conductor

Favorite Run: Good Question, How about you and I decide?

I've been teaching for over 20 seasons now with the last 10 at Silver Star, My first 10 were at a small resort near Ottawa, On, Canada named Camp Fortune. Vertical was 200 meters. Lots of man-made hard snow. With my move to BC in 2003 Silver Star become my home resort. What a change! Nothing like great conditions and fantastic terrain to have a great day on the hill.  The variety of runs available makes sure each day is an adventure.

My goals during our time together are:  "have a great time" ,  pick runs (groomers, steeps or bumps) that will both challenge and improve your skiing and finally  "have a great time" , Yes I did mention that twice because that's why we are here at Silver Star!

Elin Jonsson

I practically grew up at a ski resort, I have been skiing since I was 2 years old and raced since I was 4 years old. This is what I love to do and I can’t imagine a life without skiing.
I love a new challenge, that’s why I wanted to move to Canada, to try something new and see the world!

Elise Regan Gomm

Qualifications: APSI Level 2 (Alpine)

This is my first season instructing overseas and I’m super exciting to be spending the season at Silver Star. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I started skiing when I was 2 and have loved it ever since. I grew up skiing at Mt Hotham in Australia and worked there for the past 2 Australian winters. I am looking forward to enjoying lots of Canadian powder!

Ella Swan

I’m originally from Sweden, I started skiing when I was 3 years old. At the age of 12 I joined a skiing club in my hometown, where I met great instructors and truly started learning how to ski and race.

My passion for skiing has been growing ever since, and now that I have completed High School I’m finally able to experience a season of skiing in Canada! When I’m not downhill skiing, I love adventures and challenges and I have climbed mountains and competed in Vasaloppet, a 90 km long cross country skiing race in Sweden. This will be my first complete season working as a skiing instructor, but I have previous experience teaching during the winters at my hometown.

Skiing is what I love the most, and I’m so excited to share my passion with you!

Ellie Cannon

With my Dad being bitten by the ski bug in what he terms ‘a very wet and windy Scottish day where they were learning to ski from a book’, and with the lack of mountains and snow for the most part in the UK, I was fortunate enough to learn holidaying in the French Alps.  Having never experienced Canada before I am super excited to spend my first season at Silver Star and pass on that incredible feeling that comes with skiing, as well helping to create memories and experiences like I have from my time in ski schools.

Emma Christiansen

I’m originally from Melbourne, but moved to France at the age of 5 years old where I developed a love for the snow and especially skiing. Returning to Australia I skied Mount Hotham for one week each year with my family which has always been my favourite holiday of the year! I began instructing in 2010 and have been doing back to back seasons at Mount Hotham Australia and Niseko Japan. I love teaching both skiing and snowboarding to all ages and levels. I am extremely excited for my first season in Canada at SilverStar - skiing the steeps and searching for the best powder!

Emma Enns

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: The Face

I have grown up skiing on Silver Star Mountain since the age of one and continue to love every moment of skiing I get. I raced with the Vernon Ski Club for 8 years before I got into teaching. I taught with the Ski Club for 2 years and then made my way to the Adventure Centre where I have taught for the last two seasons. In the off season I enjoy teaching horseback riding, and competing in three day events with my own horses. I am currently enrolled at Okanagan College working on my second year of a science degree, which will lead to a Master’s in Education. I have always had a love for teaching and will be more than happy to share my passion with you.

Emma Horsfield

Favourite ski run: Robins Hood

This is my second season at Silver Star and it is just as exciting as my first! Silver Star’s varied terrain provides unlimited adventures and it is the best backyard anyone could wish for. Nothing beats the thrill of waking up to hear two magical words… “Powder day!” However, the most rewarding aspect of skiing is sharing my excitement and passion with others and watching their confidence grow as they accomplish new skills and goals.

Emma Sykes

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: Anything on the backside!

I have been skiing since I was very little trying to keep up with my older brothers. I used to race and mogul ski for my school in Australia, and love that I can free ski both terrains in Silver Star. I have worked in ski school as an instructor both at Silver Star here in Canada and Perisher in Australia, which makes up some of the best times of my life so far.  I love kids, and love starting them up on this skill that they will enjoy for life, just as I have.

Finn Deschner

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favorite Run: Doognog

I’m originally from Hamburg, Germany, but since I immigrated to Canada 10 years ago, I’ve been out skiing the Star every season. My first skiing experience was in Austria, but I really love it here, and the people are amazing! Off the hill, I’m really crazy about music, and I play several instruments and listen to classic rock. I love soccer, and I’m also taking martial arts and whitewater kayaking. It’s going to be a great winter - I’m really excited for my second teaching season up at the Star!

George Young

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor, CANSI XC Level 2, Tele Level 2, CSCF Level 2

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

George has taught skiing since the eary 60’s and spent 4 years living in Europe where he skied extensively throughout the Alps. Having skied in every month of the year and tried sand dunes to stretch his sense of the absurd, he loves to pass on his joy in what a pair of skis will do – flat , uphill or downhill! George has promised not to grow up until he’s at least a hundred!

Gerard Beallie

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1

Favorite Run – Holy Smokes

I have been lucky enough to ski and teach on some of the best Canadian ski resorts in the west since I first became an Instructor, which was more than 20 years ago! I am very happy and grateful to be instructing at Silver Star and find the area to be amazing for all types and ability levels, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it here so much! You can find any piece of terrain you can think of to ski and also find the perfect areas to teach my guests on.  I look forward to skiing with people from around the world and hope to see you out on the slopes this year.

Gerry Goudge

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3

Favourite Run: Bondiablo

Gerry started skiing in Montreal 70 years ago, and this will be his 53rd year teaching!  He has taught for many ski areas in Canada and the USA.  He came to Vernon in 1966 from the Banff area, and was the Ski School Director for Silver Star from 1972 to 1982.  Gerry's high energy, enthusiasm, and love of teaching skiing is infectious.  His specialty is helping skiers of all ages to overcome their fear and start to enjoy his favourite sport.  "I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your skiing, in complete control."

Gillian Browning

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, Course Conductor Level 1

Favorite Runs: Far Out continuing on to Silver Fox is a fantastic green run giving lots of terrain for a skier just starting to explore the mountain.  Gypsy Queen is a first choice blue run for having a variety of pitches and a great fall line.  Bon Diablo can't be beat after fresh grooming, add a touch a of new snow and this run is fantabulous!  Any Double Black, let's go!!!

Gillian started skiing in Field, BC at the age of four. She has worked in the snowsport industry in various capacities since attaining her CSIA level one  in the season of 80/81. Recently she has had the opportunity to learn about the vast selection of skis by participating in the ski test for Ski Canada Magazine. Her passion is skiing moguls and off piste but has ventured into racing on occasion especially during the “Over The Hill Downhill” at Silver Star. One of her accomplishments was skiing 100,000 vertical feet in one day at a Rick Hansen fund raiser event at Whitewater. Gillian says “more important though, is how much fun a person has skiing regardless of the vertical. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful it feels to have inspired a student in developing a passion for the sport.”

Glen McPherson

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, CANSI Level 1

Favourite Run: The Face

Glen has skied at Silver Star since his teens.  He is constantly inspired by the young guys he works with. Hitting The Face with freshies is a fave run.  Helping people make this their best ski day ever is the reason to be here.  Look where we are….. It’s beautiful!!

Glenn Wurtele

Qualifications: Level 4, CSIA Level 3, 4 Diplome Nationale/French National School of Skiing and Climbing, the highest qualification in the French National School of Skiing and Climbing. Former Mens Head Coach / Canadian National Alpine Ski Team during a World Cup winning era. Highest level of Coaching Certification in Canada / CSCF High Performance Level 4.Course Facilitator for the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation


Glenn brings 35+ years of coaching/teaching experience to Silver Star Mountain. He saw many World Cup victories and podium finishes as the former Men’s Head Coach of the Canadian National Ski Team. Glenn also holds the highest coaching certification in Canada, Level 4 as well as the highest teaching certification in France, Level 4/ Diplome Nationale. Glenn graduated from the French National School of Skiing and Climbing with “honorable mention” and received a scholarship from the French government for his achievement. Aside from spending many seasons coaching/teaching in the European Alps he can often be found in the Chilean Andes resorts during the Southern Winter.
“My passion for skiing is endless and no matter what level of skier I teach, it’s their individual progress and enthusiasm for the sport which I find most rewarding.” 


Gord Brown

Qualifications: CSCF Level 4, CSIA Level 4, NCCP Level 4, Master Alpine Ski Coach

Favorite Run: First run of the day

I was a Canadian Alpine Ski Team Coach for 7 years ( Crazy Canucks), the CSCF Program Director 19 years, and integrated coaching certification with New Zealand, Australia, & Scotland.  I love skiing with family, and helping people enjoy alpine skiing.  Great moments are when former athletes win a World Cup.

Helen Hagman

I have been travelling around Europe and Australia, working at home but missed siiking a lot and decided to live the dream of skiing in Silver Star instead of getting a “real” job. I learned to ski at a young age and did a lot of skiing in upper secondary high school before I started traveling. I have skied around Europe and I want to pass on my passion for skiing and make you love the snow as much as I do!

Jack Brennan-Rogers

Hi, I’m from Nottinghamshire, England. This will be my first season at Silver Star, I really can’t wait to get out on the snow and discover my favourite parts of the mountain. For me just being in the outdoors and enjoying it with like-minded people is what skiing is all about.

Jack Whadcock

Level 2 CASI Instructor
Park 1

I fell in love with snowboarding the first time I strapped into a board, and never looked back! This year will be my 4th season. Progressing my riding in all aspects so I can then teach others to love everything I do about the sport. The fun is endless… let it snow!!!!!!!!!

Best run would have to be Kirkenheimer on a pow day, getting deep in the gulley with a face full of snow all the way to the bottom!

Jake Smith

I'm a 23 year old snowboarder from Sydney, Australia. This is my 2nd season at Silvertstar, I have developed a serious passion for snowboarding and I'm looking forward to help others develop their skills and have an awesome time out on the hill.

James Booker

Coming from the UK it’s great to be able to ski at such an amazing resort, in such a special country. I first skied in Vail, Colorado when I was 6 and from there I just wanted more. I have skied across Europe and taught in Canada and Japan. I love skiing powder and trees as well as ripping up the groomers on those warmer days. I really want to share my passion for skiing with everyone and to make people the best skiers that they can be. I hope to see you out there cutting some big lines in the powder. 

James Smith

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: Southern Cross

I am returning to Silver Star again this year for another winter after an awesome southern hemi winter in New Zealand. Endless winters, chasing the snow around the globe… it’s a hard life. 

I started skiing at the age of 10 and was instantly hooked.  Skiing with family and friends in the French Alps I soon decided this is what I want to do. Now living in Switzerland the mountains are even closer to home.  You’ll find me out on the hill in all conditions, constantly testing myself and training hard towards my next exam, whether it be ripping it up on the groomers or bouncing down double blacks on the darkside. It’s good to be back in the Okanagan teaching and challenging all the little rippers at the Star. See you out there!

Jamie Kagan

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, Level 1 Park Certified, Level 1 Course Conductor

Favourite Runs: Doognog, Free Fall

I have been at Silver Star for 6 years now.  I love ripping down the double blacks on a perfect Okanagan powder day, especially the steep runs.  I get the biggest buzz from seeing my clients achieve beyond what they thought they could.  When not ski teaching I work as a Plumber back in the UK and love to jump on my mountain bike and recently rock climbing.  Anything to keep the adrenaline pumping.  Best day on snow was cat skiing in the Selkirks in epic bottomless powder.  Ripping through the trees with the snow falling so hard that our tracks were getting filled in behind us.

Jesse Molyneaux

Forever my favorite runs: Kirkenheimer, Star Dust & the park.

Jesse dedicates his time and passion as a park and freestyle coach. He has been coaching and chasing winters between Australia and Canada for 7 seasons, working with private clients and children alike. He loves to challenge people and see them smile.

He competes in most slope style competitions, and can usually be found in the park or riding the backside mountain with the other instructors.

His biggest reward is to see people thrive. Come say hi, get a coffee or beer (after work), or join him in the park! You can never have enough fun.

Jill Sagan


Favourite Run:  

John Mundell

Qualifications: CSIA level 3, CSCF 2

Favourite Runs: Quicksilver to High Lead

John has been teaching at our amazing Snowsport School and enjoying skiing here at beautiful Silver Star every season since 2004. He hails from Orillia, Ontario and started his ski teaching career at Mt. St. Louis. His award-winning teaching style also comes with much patience, a great sense of humor, lots of fun, interesting chair-ride conversation, and a whole lot of experience in catering to ski lessons for all ages and levels of ability. He is also a proud grandfather. 

Joel Wood

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2 and Freestyle Certification, APSI Snowboard Level 1, Ski Association of Japan Levels 1 & 2

Favorite Run: Rusty Whistle

It’s great to be back at Silver Star for another winter. After skiing and teaching throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Canada the Star is still my favourite mountain.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast with a love for the mountains. If I can't be in the snow, I’m a mountain runner and climber with a lot of time for music! I'm dedicated to making my students and myself better on snow and enjoying it whether it's downhill, cross country, bumps, park or pow.

Jon Steel

Jon started skiing at the age of 4, a week a year in Europe and one lucky trip to the US were his snow experiences growing up. Jon moved to snowboarding at 8 years old, through skateboarding as a kid he thought it'd be pretty cool to skate on snow, turned out to be very right......

His original plan was to instruct Scuba Diving over the summer and instruct skiing and snowboarding over the winter, he enjoyed his first summer season, but nothing compared to the first winter season, fair to say he was hooked on the snow after that.

Jon has taught both skiing and snowboarding for 6 years through Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Japan, and this will be his first season at Silver Star.

Depending on the day you'll find Jon talking technical riding with the adults, or being a big kid himself at the Adventure Centre. Jon's favorite part of instructing is seeing a student's reaction when a skill or movement starts to make sense, and watching as their enthusiasm really starts to kick in!

Karen Hutchinson


Favourite Run:  

Keith Elliason


Favourite Run:

Kieran Poole

Qualifications: BASI Level 1 Snowboard, First Aid, white water safety technician and raft guide

Favorite Run: To many AWESOME runs

HELLO!  I’m from the U.K (don’t ask where it’s a remote place )and have been boarding since I was 8, I think. Learned in Boston, and been to resorts across America and a few in Europe. Back home I help out on my Dads farm and work in the outdoor industry teaching kayaking, climbing, mountaineering, etc. It’s my first season at Silver Star and don’t think it can get better :D Boarding is awesome and I love teaching it.  My Quote for the season: “if you’re in control you’re not going fast enough”

Kirk Millson

I'm from the Northern Beaches of Sydney' Australia and have been on ski's since before I could walk.

This is my first season here teaching and I'm super excited to be back at one of my favorite mountains sharing my passion with you. If I'm not skiing, you'll probably find me in the surf, travelling or supporting the greatest rugby league team in the world - the mighty St George-Illawarra Dragons!

My favorite skiing experience was a few years ago on a heli-skiing trip where it snowed 2 1/2 foot overnight, needless to say the next day was ALL TIME!!

Kristyn Rutherford

I’m from New Zealand and started skiing at the age of 7. I switched to snowboarding in my early twenties and am very excited to pass on my passion for this sport. The thrill of teaching amongst exquisite scenery and powder is what led me to Silver Star! I work as a musician and a registered teacher in NZ, and have between 10 -15 years of teaching experience across a few fields.  What I love about teaching is that no day is the same not to mention the fulfillment that goes along with each new learning experience. My other interests are in swim coaching, pastoral care, theology and the arts. I love meeting people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. I look forward to working with you!

Kyle Arink

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1, ParknPipe 1, CANSI(tele) Level 1

Favorite Run: Soreback or CrissCross

Growing up with skis on my feet, I fell in love with the sport.  I grew up in Edmonton, AB, at a place called Snow Valley.  Over the past 9 years, I have taught across the world and with over 200 days of snow under my belt last year, I have never been more excited for another season to begin.  I enjoy teaching all levels of students and aim to help you achieve your goals in a fun, relaxed environment.  I look forward to seeing you on the slopes here at Silver Star.

Lane Charlton

I have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy teaching others how to get the most out of their outdoor sporting experiences through coaching. Since getting my level 1 in 2006 I’ve coached skiing and snowboarding each winter at various locations in Ontario and Alberta and am excited to start my first full season in BC! I also have as many years’ experience coaching wakeboarding during the summer months. You will spot me carving the groomers in preparation for my level 3, lapping the park, and popping out of the trees exploring every inch of Silver Star.

Lenka Edge

Qualifications: NZSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: First tracks Whisky Jack

I’m so happy to be back for my third season at Silver Star. I'm excited for a winter of teaching awesome lessons, getting to meet old and new instructors and of course meeting all of the kids coming in for lessons! On my days off I'll either be in Bugaboos, on skis on the back side zipping down Gypsy Queen, or negotiating my old favourite, Whisky Jack on board (and being the token cameraman for friends in the park!)

Luisa Kralle

Luisa has been skiing since she was 6. Enthusiasm is on of her key aspects in teaching her lessons. She has been working for Silver Star since 2008. Teaching kids how to ski is her favorite part of the day, seeing the kids grow within a lesson is just unexplainable. Her favorite groups would be JUMPING JOEYS and EAGER ELEPHANTS. Her goal as an instructor is to help her students to discover their full potential and guide them to becoming a well-rounded skier.

Mackenzie Lovsin

Mackenzie’s passion for skiing and sharing his love of the sport with others led him to start teaching at just 14 years old. Nine years later, Mackenzie is still teaching in the Adventure Centre when he is not working towards his Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University.

Skiing is all about having fun, which is reflected in Mackenzie’s approach to teaching. Mackenzie’s lessons are fast paced and he relies on his extensive knowledge of the resort’s terrain to make learning enjoyable. A successful lesson is a lesson where a client achieved a goal that they never thought possible. When he’s not teaching, Mackenzie can be found skiing the double blacks on the backside or in Long John’s Pub.

Favorite Moment on Skis: The first time I skied down the Bunny Hill on my own at 4 years old. I’ve been hooked on skiing ever since.

Marion Drummond

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run:  

Marvyn Grosset

I am from France, I grew up in the french alps, I have been skiing since I was 1 year old, and I became a ski instructor to share my passion for skiing with others. I love downhill skiing, finding new tracks as well as teaching freestyle. You can find me in the park!

Mate Wilson

I'm 21 years old from the sunny beaches in north New Zealand, but I grew up snowboarding in the Italian Alps. Love Skiing and Snowboarding but I’m also a big Rugby and Football (Soccer) fan. There is nothing better than a powder day!

Matt Horspool

From a young age the outdoors and extreme sports were a major passion of mine. It wasn’t just the personal thrill that these sports brought, but the enjoyment of sharing these experiences with like-minded and enthusiastic people. On completion of High school I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in an area of some physical nature thus I enrolled in, and completed not only a Bachelor of Exercise Science but also a Bachelor of Education. I was certain that I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for physical education with the world, so I set off to South America where I had the opportunity to spend two and a half months pushing my physical and mental limits, trekking across the Andes, Machu Picchu and Patagonia. In addition to this, I worked as a volunteer teacher in an impoverished school situated in Salvador, Brazil. This was definitely a highlight of my life. Education in a caring and fun environment is beneficial to any student, young & old.

Mid 2011 I set off on another, more semi-permanent adventure. Thus I have spent the last 2 and half years teaching in countless schools throughout London, UK and backpacking throughout Western & Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Scandinavia, The Baltics, Egypt & finishing at the East Coast of the USA where I resided for 4 months working as a Lifeguard at a children’s Summer Camp.

My love for Snowboarding stemmed from watching countless DVD’s and TV shows of boarders performing awe-inspiring manoeuvers. Unfortunately hailing from country Australia the opportunities to board were slim. So various trips to Thredbo (Aus), Andorra and France helped cement my love for the sport.

Coming to Silver Star is a dream come true. It’s given me the chance to combine my love for the sport, with my expertise and passion of teaching like-minded children and adults, just like you!

Mel Dekker

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2 Trained

Favourite Run: Holy Smokes

I learned how to ski at Spring Hill, Manitoba which has a 125 foot vertical.  I loved it right away but I knew there was more, so I took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1978.  Now that is a ski hill; bottomless powder to boot.  In the years to come, I took many trips out west and came to SIlver Star where the snow, the view, the temperature, and the people are excellent.  I moved to Vernon, and who could blame me?  There was and still is true passion for skiing here, which being an instructor, I love to pass on.  Just thinking about the wind in my face as I am sliding down the mountains makes me SMILE every time.

Mel Swinburn


Favourite Run:  

Mellen Gorman

Mary Ellen "Mellen" Gorman

Qualifications: BScH, RMT, CASI 4, CASI Course Conductor, coordinator of snowboard training at Silver Star, and member of the CASI Technical & Education Committee.

Mellen has been teaching snowboarding for sixteen years, training and certifying instructors with the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors since 1999/2000. She has taught across Canada and internationally: beginning at a small resort in Québec, moving to Ontario to complete her BScH in Bio-Medical Science, continuing to teach and actively competing in boardercross and GS. Pursuing snowboard instruction as a full-time career, Mellen moved to Banff Alberta, and then to Silver Star B.C.

Mellen worked as an instructor and race coach at Mt. Buller in Australia for five seasons and has an excellent understanding of the Australian Interschools format: coaching many students to podium success both at State and National level. Mellen also taught in Vail - Beaver Creek USA, coached privately in Japan, and has worked as an international CASI Course Conductor in Andorra (Europe).

Mellen returned to Silver Star in 2008 both as instructor and trainer for Silver Star's snowboard instructors, as well as working for both the B.C. and National offices of CASI as a Course Conductor at resorts all over B.C. In 2012 Mellen became the first and only female instructor to attain the CASI Level 4 certification through the Level 4 exams.

In 2013, Mellen was appointed to the CASI Technical & Education Committee:  a 7-member committee that sets the direction and standards for snowboard instructors across Canada.


Mick Ban

I have been skiing since the age of 4. Having Austrian parents who were keen skiers meant I was always destined to be a skier. At the age of 13 I started competing in Alpine skiing events, representing my State and then my Country until I was 26. During this time I skied in America and Europe and loved every minute of it.  I fell in love with Silver Star back in 1990 and have been coming back every year since. Having skied the world I believe Silver Star offers the best of everything, I just love it. My other strong interest is motorsport, back in my youth it started with racing motorbikes in motocross and then road racing. Currently I am involved in Classic Sports Car racing and compete in a 1964 Sunbeam Alpine. But my true love is skiing and imparting my love of the sport onto people I meet and teach. Enjoy the snow and always have fun.

Mike Bell

CANSI Level 3 Nordic / Level 4 Telemark

SSM XC Camp “Original”
BPE/Exercise Physiology/ ED Cert. UBC, U of M and Gonzaga U
Hometown – Kelowna, BC

A Secondary school Principal here in Vernon, Mike is a past Olympic coach of the Canadian National Nordic Team & former CANSI XC Interski Demo Team Member (Captain) / Examiner. Most recently Mike was a wax technician at the XC World Masters in 2011. He has always worked to help his athletes and students to continuously improve their skills. His favorite quote, “Ski smart and ski smooth!” We are stoked to see Mike back with us at the camps.

Miriam Kjelby

Qualifications: Level 1 = Instructor (alpine, snowboard, telemark) & Level 2 = IVSI (alpine)

I am from Norway, and as the saying goes, I was “born with skis on my feet”.

I have worked several seasons in Norway as a skiing instructor and I enjoy working with both children and adults. I am an educated social worker, and have experience from working with children and adults with different challenges in life. I would very much like to share my passion for skiing with you, and will pass on to you new skills and motivation to continue skiing.

In addition to skiing I enjoy mountain climbing, dancing, hiking and horseback riding.

A perfect day for me is when I can go backcountry skiing in lot of fresh new fallen powder snow.

Naressa Gamble

Naressa’s spark for snowboarding was ignited in 2001 at the Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Since then she has completed a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, Majoring in Contemporary dance and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching, Secondary.

Naressa has 8 years experience as a freelance professional dancer/performer, 3 years experience in child care, and teaching Dance and Drama.

Naressa is looking forward to transferring her teaching, movement and creative skills to Snowboard instructing fun filled and informative lessons this season at Silver Star.

Natasha Langedyk

Having grown up in Ocean Grove, a small beach town in Victoria, Australia, I didn’t discover my passion for skiing until I was 18 years old. It was a three week skiing trip to Japan that made me decide to work in the snow. Now, 3 Falls Creek and 2 Japan seasons later, I couldn't be more excited to begin my first season teaching at Silver Star! 

Nathan French

Qualification: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: Big Dipper on a groomer day, Headwalls for a powder day.

At the age of 10, Nathan immigrated to Vernon, BC. Being a fantastic athlete he quickly pursued the great life style Canada had to offer. He fell in love with skiing and started teaching at the ski school in the 07/08 season and has continued coming back each season to teach. When Nathan isn't teaching, he goes to another extreme, and in the summer months is a Big Game Hunting Guide in the Northwest Territories! He has just finished up his fourth season in the great north as a guide and is excited to come back to Silver Star for his 6th season! You could say he is living the dream!

Norm Crerar


Favourite Run: 

Olivia Dingwall-Fordyce

I am from the UK and having been skiing all my life in Europe such as France, Switzerland and believe it or not Scotland. I have only done one season in Canada and loved it so much that I had to come back for more. On the slopes with friends I am fun and adventurous and love tree runs. Off the slopes I love to be with my friends enjoying life and catching up on the latest sport results. I love music, so if ever you find me on my own I will without a doubt have my headphones in rocking out to a bit of Lady Gaga or Demi Lovato and even the odd classic. I love helping people get better at whatever they are trying to achieve. I hope this season goes well and hopefully see you all out there!

Pat Gerrie

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

Favourite Run: Big Dipper/Gypsy Queen on a powder day, Over the Hill Downhill course when it’s time to go fast!

Pat has over 30 years of teaching/coaching experience in the snowsport industry (with 10 of those years being at the ‘Star).  Having had the opportunity to run ski schools in both Canada and Australia, he has a wide range of experiences that he that he can call upon to help you get the most out of your time at Silver Star.  “My main goal is to help you experience the passion that I feel when I’m out on the mountain. No matter the weather, it’s just a great place to be” .

Whether a beginner or a seasoned double black skier, Pat welcomes you to come and explore the mountain, and your potential, with him.

Peggy Kassa

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CASI Level 1, CANSI Cross Country Level 1, CANSI Telemark Level 1

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

I started teching in Vail in 1972.  I worked for the Vernon Ski Club running and coaching the Snowmite program for 13 years with my husband Don.  I have been running the Ladies Day / Men's Day Programs for longer than I can remember, and I love doing it.  Skiing is a big part of our family's life, especially on powder days!

Rachel Wooley

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 1, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Glade Runner

First visited Silver Star in 1999 and fell in love with the resort and people.  Subsequent years led to longer holidays and my experience with lessons led me to change my life to enable me to teach here in the winter and continue working in Accountancy or IT during the summer.  I have now been teaching since 2005 and enjoy sharing my passion for skiing and the variety each day offers. My most memorable skiing moment is the first time I put ski boots on. My most memorable teaching moments are when a person realizes their ambition but mostly when fear is replaced by a smile.

Rachelle Simard

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: Three Wise Men

It is with great joy that I have been teaching skiing full time for the past 5 years. I started skiing in the Banff area at the age of 4! I love when people are excited about snow and skiing! It gets me pumped up and I love to share my knowledge and passion!  Skiing has brought me all over the world I have traveled Canada, the United States, Japan and even Australia! I am one of the lucky few who get to enjoy winter all year round. My favorite things to do on skis are mogul’s moguls and some more moguls, plus slalom racing. Some highlights of my skiing career are: beating one of my coaches in a final race of the year, (Silverstar instructor Kyle Arink), receiving my level two certification, and doing a back country expedition to ski Mt Yotei, a famous volcano in Japan. If I am not skiing, I enjoy having snowball fights, competing in rodeos and showjumping with my horses, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, going camping and having camp fires! I am looking forward to great snow, lots of fun, hi-5s, and hot chocolate! Hope to see you out on the slopes!

Rebecca Richards

This will be my first season on the beautiful Silver Star Mountain. I learnt to ski in the French Alpes when I was 8 and regularly visit them, however the last place I skied was the challenging Scottish Highlands. I just love the outdoors, hiking, tennis and running, so really appreciate being able to spend every day in this stunning environment! With four years of Sports Science under my belt I can hopefully bring not only the skills and techniques but some theory to lessons, as well as spreading my enthusiasm and passion for this sport! I’m also quite into singing so you may have to be prepared to sing some jolly tunes on the lifts up the mountain!

Robert Duncan

Qualifications: NZSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: Sherwood’s Forest

My goal is to make you love skiing as much as I do! This is my second season at Silver Star after just completing the season in Australia. I love teaching everyone but especially children, I want to inspire the new generation of skiers. From first turners to mountain rippers, I look forward to showing my students the next step. See you on the slopes!

Rodger Poole

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CANSI XC Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CSIA Level 4 & 3 Course Conductor, APSI Telemark Level 1, Back-country Avalanche Certification

Favourite Run: Chute 5

With fifteen seasons in the ski industry, Rodger spends his winters coaching at the Vernon Ski Club and teaching and training instructors at the Silver Star Snowsports School, as well as course conducting for the Canadian Ski Instructor's Alliance. After arriving at Silver Star 8 years ago, he knew that this combination of great snow on a world class mountain, outstanding Nordic Skiing, and great people didn't come around very often and he has since called Vernon home.

Whether you want to improve your bump skiing, feel more at home in powder, win your next ski race, or just out-ski your friends, Rodger can help you set and achieve your goals.

Rosie Dodgson

I was lucky enough to grow up with my mum being a competitive skier/ ski instructor which led to me skiing through my childhood. At the age of 19, I swapped in my skis for a snowboard and fell in love. I have been working in ski resorts for the last 4 years from children’s entertainment to hosting tours and now teaching what I love the most in the place I love the most, snowboarding at Silver Star.

Sam Buchanan

I’ve been skiing at Silver Star for 15 years now, and I’ve been in love with both the sport and the mountain since day 1 on the slopes! I’m originally from Ottawa, but I consider Silver Star my second home – it’s the best place ever! I’m so excited to teach this season, and to share my passion for skiing with all of you.  See you soon!

Sandy Cook

Qualifications: CANSI Level 4, CSIA Level 3,  TELE Level 1, CSCF Level 2

Favourite run:  Alpine: GongShow;  Nordic: Alder Point

Sandy has been coaching and teaching skiing in it’s various forms for 45 years (started as a young teenager).   During university years, it was at the” smaller” S. Ontario hills.  Then back to Thunder Bay to start a career in engineering and raising a family.  In 1995, the west called and the family moved to SilverStar.  From that point on, Sandy has been involved with the Silver Star Snowsports School teaching both Nordic and Alpine skiing.

Most Interesting Coaching Project:  When the kids were 4 and 6, Sandy, husband Gregg and friend Jim formed the Big Thunder Nordic – Jackrabbit/Alpine combined program.  The kids cross-country skied in groups in the am, downhill skied in groups in the pm and then went sliding as the parents collapsed after a wonderful day!


Shaleah Priebe

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CASI  Level 1

Favorite Run: Sunny Glade on a fresh powder day

I learned to ski at 12 at a tiny hill in Northern BC. I taught at Silver Star several years ago and I am glad to be back again at Silver Star after living in Tanzania, Africa for several years. I love adventure, travel, photography, snow sports and my family. My three children and husband love being in the snow at Silver Star after many hot winters in Africa.

Sapphire Winstanley

Qualifications: CSIA Level One

Favorite Run: Whiskey Jack, Horsin’ Around

I was born and raised in the Okanagan, skiing every weekend from opening day through Closing. My passion for skiing began at 5 years old and from that very first season I knew I wanted to become an instructor some day. Last season I was finally old enough to get my Level One. This is my 11th Season, I now have my dream job and back for my second season at Silverstar! I hope to create some wonderful memories while passing on my knowledge and love for the sport.

See you on the slopes!

Sarah Osborne

I started skiing just before my second birthday back home in Australia. Since the first day I fell in love with the sport. I was lucky enough to go to on a holiday to Silver Star back in 2009 and fell in love with the mountain straight away. My favourite run would have to be The Rush. I love to share my love for and knowledge of skiing with everyone.  

Simon Marks

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen.  Skiing Gypsy Queen with Norman Kreutz in perfect powder snow on a beautiful January morning in 2005.

Simon has been a passionate skier since his teens.  He took up skiing at Mt Hotham in Australia where he developed a deep love of the mountains and winter sports.  He is still a member of one of Mt Hotham’s oldest clubs, the Ski Club of East Gippsland (SCEG).  He first came to Silver Star in 2004 and joined the Snowsports School as an instructor soon after.  In his other life, Simon is a practicing commercial barrister at the Victorian Bar in Melbourne but he returns to Silver Star every year with his family to their winter home in Parsons Lane.  He is now a senior member of the School with lots of knowledge and experience about the mountain.  He always knows where to find the best snow and best skiing.

Spike Kenny

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, AST Level 1

Favourite Runs: Black Bear and Spirit Bowl

I started skiing in Italy when I was 14, since then I have skied throughout Europe, Western Canada and in New Zealand.

The biggest thrill for me is that moment when my I see that big grin … it could be the first green or double black, or the realization (or remembering) that skiing really is fun …. We all make that grin – for us lucky ones, we do it every day.

Amongst other things, I used to shear sheep and train sheep dogs for a living.  In my day, I would comfortably clip 300 ewes a day.

One of my proudest moments came at the end of the 2012 season, when I was nominated as CSIA Canadian Ski Instructor of the Year.



Stephen Feedham

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CADS Level 1

Favourite Run: All of Them!!

I have taught in Canada and overseas.  I am a 25 plus year member of the CSIA/CSCF.  I have been fortunate enough to have run several ski schools of my own over the years and I still find Silver Star one of the best areas around.  To help someone experience the joy in skiing is the best! 

Stephen Tanos

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Three Wise Men, steep and deep.

I was older when I really started skiing. Just like you, I wanted to get better so I took lessons. Fast forward and here I am at Silver Star where I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I love skiing and would love to have you in one of my classes, private or group. See you on the slopes!!

Tabitha Smith


Favourite Run:

Taylor Weixl

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CFSA Club Coach

Favorite Run: Robilliard’s Rush and Stardust

I am excited to be teaching with the Snowsports School for my 4th season!  I love seeing students have as much fun skiing as I do.  My favorite runs are Stardust, Lower Big Dipper, and anything with jumps!  I am teaching while doing my 2nd year of an ecology degree at Okanagan College.   If I'm not skiing or studying I like to ride my bikes, play softball, and drum.

Val Tinker

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 2 cross-country, CANSI Level 1 telemark, CSCF Level 1 Certified

Favorite Run: FIS

Born in Moscow, Russia, but have been in Canada since 1980 and have skied every season since then.  I started as a Ski Patroller, and then became an Instructor in 1999. I enjoy winter and all the activities that come with the season. Every winter at Silver Star has been a pleasure for me; improving my own technique, as well as, working with the skiing public. Excited about this coming season as always!  Happy trails!