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Providing professional coaching since 1959

Silver Star is home to one of the most innovative Snowsport schools in Canada and is renowned as being ‘the best to place to learn from the pro’s’. We attract many talented certified instructors from around the world. Our school consists of a team beyond compare boasting 9 Level 4 instructors.

Being such a deverse resort our team is the most highly trained in Canada, trained in alpine skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, telemark and nordic.  We have a very specialized group of instructors trained to work with young children. This dedicated group creates a warm, fun atmosphere for their young students while teaching skills and safety.

We are committed to helping you understand the terrain, building your confidence, and guiding you to the next level of skiing or riding, we look forward to sharing our passion for winter sports with you.

“Best place to learn from the pros” - Ski Canada Magazine

Our pros are certified and trained in alpine skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, telemark and nordic. Come and experience why our Snowsports School is awarded with so many accolades year after year.

Even the best skiers and riders take lessons... maybe that’s why they’re the best!

Why take lessons? The simple answer is to enhance your enjoyment of the sport, whether it be Skiing, X-C, Snowboarding or Telemark. These are technical sports, by taking lessons you will be taught better technique and tactics on how to handle a variety of conditions. It’s impossible to practice well without continued coaching, let us help coach you along the way.The number of lessons you take depends on your interest and goals. You may be at the point where you can get down a groomed run comfortably, but that champagne powder hidden in the trees and piled knee-deep on Putnam is screaming at you to give it a try.

Lessons are not only an excellent way to improve, they are also an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the equipment and the terrain. Instructors can inform you about the mountain, where to go after the lesson is over and what equipment is best to purchase. But, one of the best things about taking lessons, is going straight to the front of the lift line ensuring you get the most out of your session.

When you choose one of our private options you get one on one coaching, with the complete undivided attention of your instructor.  Lessons tailored to your needs will help you become a more confident skier or rider. Let us be your personal guide and discover more of Silver Star Mountain this winter.

What is everyone else saying?

Ski Canada Magazine

The Star Kids Center at Silver Star is like a spa for young children. They are coddled and encouraged by hand picked instructors who were obviously dealt an extra hand in patience.

Mark Tracey, Seattle Washington

The kids had a wonderful time with you and we parents really appreciated your patience, attitude, and fun spirit. It is experiences like this that keep us coming back year after year. We hope to look you up next year!

Kim Boshaw, Seattle Washington

Wow! Thank you so much for the fantastic pictures of the kids skiing! They all had the best time with you and are still re-living their favorite memories on the slopes that week. We had a fantastic time at Silver Star and can't say enough wonderful things about you and all the counselors in the Star kids facility. We look forward to our return next year and hope that you are there for sure! The kids are already planning it out!

Jon Baynton, Ontario

I wanted to drop you a note expressing my happiness & satisfaction regarding the teaching that you offer.

Dave Robb was my instructor, not only this year but last. Dave’s skiing ability/skill is exemplary. I feel grateful for Dave’s tips and his intuitive ability to “tune in” to my needs and also how I felt about myself as I attempted to apply the fundamentals.

I have acquired physical deficits from a crash 16 years ago, so I appreciate and value Dave’s sensitivity and sense of humor that made me feel comfortable in my environment. I have improved in my skiing which drives me to come to Silver Star next year.

I couldn’t help noticing the professionalism & integrity with many of your staff that I was introduced to on the hill.

Joe Mayo, Stouffville, ON

I have taken lessons with Pat for 5 years and every one leaves me exhilarated and knowing I am a better skier.

Though I have my Level 1, Pat always starts with a refresher on stance and turning basics. Get that right and we move on to a lesson that improves my skiing at my limits. Today we pushed the envelope in glades and bumps. It was thrilling to feel the improvement in my skill in those environments. Pat always gets the perfect mix of technical discussion and practical implementation. I'm always exhausted when we finish the lesson, but can't wait to get back on the hill because I'm a better skier.

Jane Fortini, Sydney, Australia

I would like to take this opportunity to yet again 'sing' the praises of one of your ski instructors ‘Spike', as well as Jodene from Ski Dazzle.
My family and friends arrived in Silverstar in January 2012 for a 3 week holiday and had a great time. Last July 2011 I had major foot surgery on my fight foot including a tendon transfer and Achilles lengthening. So as you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive about skiing.
Over that 3 weeks I had several lessons with Spike where he managed to sort out my ski issues, especially in regard my mindset and my right foot and had me skiing by the end of our holiday with confidence and enjoyment.
Spike helped me get footbeds made with consultation with Jodene from Ski Dazzle. Jodene was absolutely fantastic and helpful and knowledge about my condition. She even helped figured out a method of actually getting my foot into my ski boot with ease!
My Husband and daughters Rebecca and Emma, my brother-in-law Shane and his daughter Alice also had some lessons where Spike helped them improve their techniques on black and double black runs.
Spike even taught my nephew Harry (9yrs) some maths on a chair lift ... a man of many talents.
Spike was also very help for another family who also skied with us at this time, who has a 19 year old son with mild intellectual disability and is dyspraxic, by getting the family in touch with the ski Adapative Programme at Silverstar.

We talk 'levels' alot in our Snowsports School... What level are you?

Alpine Skiing  

Level 1

Never Ever - You have never ever skied before. You are a bit nervous and want to learn how it's done. You want to start at the very beginning.

Level 2

Once or Twice - You have been out once or twice before, you consider yourself a beginner, and you are still a bit nervous. You may need a refresher on how to get on the lift and how to turn and control your speed. You think it might be nice to start your lesson in the beginner area.

Level 3

Greens - You have been up the lift before and you are becoming comfortable making turns on Green runs. You would like to be able to try some easy Blue runs and improve your skill level.

Level 4

Blues - You can ski on Blue runs however you avoid bumps. You want to learn the skills required to be able to challenge some of the Black Diamonds and maybe learn about bumps.

Level 5

Black Diamonds - You look for Black Diamond runs and want to be able to do them with more skill. You can get down the bumps and the steeps and would like to learn how to keep your rhythm and speed under control.

Level 6

Double Black Diamonds - You are comfortable on your skis and are looking for new ways to improve your technique and challenge yourself whilst skiing Double Black Diamond runs. .



Level 1

1st Time Beginner – Has never ridden before

Level 2

Prefers one edge, developing skills to ride both edges and steer board downhill

Level 3

Novice – Rides both edges, learning to link turns with confidence

Level 4

Intermediate – Riding blue and black terrain, learning fundamentals of freestyle and board performance

Level 5

Advanced/Expert – All mountain rider seeking progression in bumps, trees and park


Nordic Skiing  


Has never skied before


Has skied up to 5 times


Comfortable on skis, understand balance and glide


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