Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle Sessions

Our Freestyle Sessions are designed with 4 ability levels in mind, taking you from small features to extra large jumps.  Our experienced and qualified coaches will provide a fun and safe environment.  We will familiarize you with the terrain and skills needed to ride competently.  Lift Tickets are additional.

Sessions are 2 hours.

Ages: 13+

Time: 1:00pm

Price: $60

Introductory Freestyle Session

· Small features, surface-level rails & boxes

· Less difficult features

Intermediate Freestyle Session

· Small to Medium size features

· Ride-on rails

· Difficult features

Advanced Freestyle Session

· Medium to Large size features

· Introduction to jump-on rails

· Rails with gaps & narrow surfaces

· More difficult features

Expert Freestyle Session

· Large to Extra Large size features & jumps

· Jump-on rails with gaps & narrow surfaces

· Advanced and expert only

· More difficult features