Ability Chart

We talk 'levels' alot in our Snowsports School... What level are you?

Alpine Skiing


Level 1: First Time

Never Ever - You have never ever skied before. You are a bit nervous and want to learn how it's done. You want to start at the very beginning.

Level 2: Snowplow

Once or Twice - You have been out once or twice before, you consider yourself a beginner, and you are still a bit nervous. You may need a refresher on how to get on the lift and how to turn and control your speed. You think it might be nice to start your lesson in the beginner area.

Level 3: Novice

Greens - You have been up the lift before and you are becoming comfortable making turns on Green runs. You would like to be able to try some easy Blue runs and improve your skill level.

Level 4: Intermediate

Blues - You can ski on Blue runs however you avoid bumps. You want to learn the skills required to be able to challenge some of the Black Diamonds and maybe learn about bumps.

Level 5: Advanced

Black Diamonds - You look for Black Diamond runs and want to be able to do them with more skill. You can get down the bumps and the steeps and would like to learn how to keep your rhythm and speed under control.

Level 6: Expert

Double Black Diamonds - You are comfortable on your skis and are looking for new ways to improve your technique and challenge yourself whilst skiing Double Black Diamond runs. .



Level 1

1st Time Beginner – Has never ridden before

Level 2

Prefers one edge, developing skills to ride both edges and steer board downhill

Level 3

Novice – Rides both edges, learning to link turns with confidence

Level 4

Intermediate – Riding blue and black terrain, learning fundamentals of freestyle and board performance

Level 5

Advanced/Expert – All mountain rider seeking progression in bumps, trees and park


Nordic Skiing  


Has never skied before


Has skied up to 5 times


Comfortable on skis, understand balance and glide