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Toast to Toes at Ski Dazzle

Tue, 17/01/2012 - 2:38 pm

So comfortable that you don’t want to take them off after a full day on the slopes!  From the chair lift to après, it is possible to achieve this absolute comfort in your ski and snowboard boots.  With the trained and experienced boot fitters in Ski Dazzle, your comfort is their goal.  At Silver Star, we are fortunate enough to have a registered podiatrist in our boot fitting team. 

Custom foot beds will increase your comfort AND improve your performance on the slopes.  A ski or snowboard boot straight off the shelf is unlikely to fit correctly.  Our boot specialists can help with the correct boot selection by matching your foot dimension to the most compatible boot for each unique individual.  A custom foot bed will improve the comfort, performance, and fit of the boot, resulting in improved circulation. 

Custom foot beds are designed to support your foot and transfer the movements from your hips, knees, and legs directly to your skis or snowboard.  Common problems like pressure points and sore, tired feet while skiing or snowboarding can be eliminated with custom foot beds.  Foot beds are like the foundation of a building, and your feet and legs are like the studs in the walls that support the building.  When you stand and move your knees forward, backward, left and right, pressure is applied to your feet, and your feet are designed to absorb this pressure by flattening.  Although this flattening may be a good thing when running or walking in athletic shoes, it works against you while skiing or snowboarding causing you work harder to control the edges of your skis or board.  Foot beds are designed to support the bottoms of your feet so that the muscle action in your legs is transferred directly to your skis or snowboard, allowing you to make those perfect turns. 

Drop in to Ski Dazzle and meet the experienced team of boot fitters who can improve the comfort of your feet and improve your performance on the snow.