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The Perfect Bump Run

Sun, 27/11/2005 - 12:00 am

Ski Press Magazine
Early Season 2005 // Volume 20 No 2
Perfect - Celebrating Perfection on Snow

Putnam Creek, Silver Star, Vernon, BC

One bump, two bumps, three bumps four... they just keep comin' at Silver Star's Putnam Creek, like Volkswagen Bugs on a roadtrip's rousing around of Punchbuggy. They beat you up about as much, too. On runs pithily named No Knees, Hinky Heights, Cat Man Do, and Gong Show, they build up in the autumn during heavy Okanagan snowfalls, then just lay there in the wait. Sucker.

Once you dip your tips over the edge of one of these "Ho-my-gawd-that's-steep!" runs, there's no truning back. First you think: "Bumps? Heh, heh, nooo problem." Next you think: "Geez, these are kickass big. Good thing no one's watching." And finally you think: "Whoa. I'm under the Powder Gulch Express. Capacity: 1,800 skiers per hour. Everyone's watching!"

So you suck it up as you suck them up. Bend. Twish. Stretch. Wham! You got one in the teeth. The workout's better than cardio striptease with Carmen Electra. With luck, pballs and a whole lot of skill, you'll ski'em well enough to earn some catcalls. If you've got to pee - or worse - by the end of this Putnam punishment, not to worry. Silver Star just installed a new Powder Gulch outhouse.

- Lori Knowles