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Silver Star a great romantic getaway

Fri, 23/02/2007 - 1:00 am

By DAVE NORONA for Metro Vancouver.

Light snow was falling as Kim and I cruised up the alpine road to Silver Star Mountain just outside of Vernon, B.C. The lights from the quaint, little cabins surrounding the village lit up the evening sky and made the falling snow look like miniature diamonds.
Silver Star is one of our favourite places to ski. The incredible
terrain, perfect snow conditions and beautiful on-hill
accommodations make this oneof the world’s finest resorts.
As we entered our room at the new Snowbird Lodge we were
blown away. This luxurious apartment had cork floors,
18- foot ceilings, a flat-screen TV and our own personal hot tub. We wasted no time opening a bottle of wine and getting wet.
The next morning we awoke to 12 centimetres of light, freshsnow. After catching the Comet Six-Pack Express for a few warmup runs, we made our way to the Powder Gulch Chair, with its endless black diamond and double black diamond runs. The middle of the week also meant
that we had the slopes and fluffy powder to ourselves.
The next day we hit the Telus Park. Kim and I are used to the big jumps. However, the last time I hit a rail, about a year ago, I landed on my hip and spent the rest of the day and night downing Advil and regretting what I had done. We played rock, paper, scissors to see who was to go first and, unfortunately, I lost. I approached the box, slid along the top and vaulted off the end to an easy landing. I
felt the adrenalin surge through my body and turned around to
cheer on Kim. She dialed it perfectly and after slapping hands
we headed back up for more.
That evening we signed up for Outdoor Discoveries’ Valentine’s Day Snowshoe evening. Owner Rosanne Van Ee, an outdoor naturalist, led our group on a wonderful evening snowshoe through the sub-alpine forest complete with scenic vistas and epic powder downhills. Suddenly we found ourselves at a little cabin in the woods. The Wild Horseman Hut was lit up with candles and as we entered the cabin, we exchanged our winter coats for a glass of champagne and sat down to an awesome belgian chocolate fondue.
The look on Kim’s face was priceless and it was great to spend
this awesome adventure with her. Just when she thought it
couldn’t get any better, the silence outside was broken by the
cool sound of horses. No more hiking for us as we boarded a
giant horse sleigh for an awesome journey into the night,
back to the village and our awaiting hot tub.
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