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Rusty and Roanz’s Excellent Adventure, Part One “Where We Get Hired to Build New Trails for the New Mountain Biking Park at Silver Star”

Thu, 10/03/2005 - 12:00 am

Silver Star Mountain Resort – Sure, there might be over 160 centimetres of snow still piled up on the mountain. Yes, it might only be the second week in March, and God knows that in these parts, the powder can fall way into late May. But Rusty and Roanz are stoked.

Rusty (Rick Harman) and Roanz (Cam Sorensen) are two long-time Vernon area mountain bikers and trail builders who have been tapped on the shoulder by the management at Silver Star Mountain Resort and told “Dudes, you will build us a new mountain biking park. We want screaming downhills, sick drops, trails with stunts to strut your steeze, and we’re going to hire ten good men and some heavy equipment to work with you, so that the job gets done right.”

Like we said, Rusty and Roanz are stoked. Roanz says, “I get to build mountain biking trails that have been in my thoughts for years. With this progression, Silver Star will be everyone’s place to open it up, rail a berm, and blast table tops! I’m looking forward to building it as much as I am riding it!”

It’s not like they’re strangers to the Vernon or Silver Star fat-tire freeriding scene. Their handiwork can already be experienced on famed Silver Star trails like the World Cup downhill, Double Dog, The Wall Ride, and the insanely twisty Pooh Corners. We’d love to tell you more about the new single-track trails that will be built, but that would be getting ahead of ourselves. Look for the next installment of Rusty and Roanz in mid-April, once the snow has melted out and their master plan for world mountain bike park domination has been formulated… As Roanz says, “when I think of what the two of us did, and what a crew of ten and some heavy equipment can accomplish – the results will be mind boggling!”

Come up and ride Canada’s most exciting new mountain bike playground this summer at Silver Star Mountain Resort, 20 minutes east of Vernon, British Columbia, nestled in the Monashee Mountains. Trails will be accessed via the Comet Express high-speed ‘6 pack’ chairlift customized with 32 bike carriers for easy loading and unloading. Thrill to over 1,600 vertical feet of BC’s very best single track riding. Ten staff members will build the new trails and sculpt bike park features from beginner to expert standards. Rentals of dual suspension mountain bikes, helmets, and body armour will be available as well.

Included in the summer development will be an expansion of the hiking trail network and improved signage on all trails. Silver Star will continue with its policy of having separate trails for both hikers and mountain bikers. Most of the restaurants and hotels will be fully operational during the summer season. Visitors to Silver Star Mountain Resort can expect numerous on-mountain events including the annual Summer Drummer and the world-famous Okanagan Summer Wine Festival.

Silver Star's Comet Express will be open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., with extended play hours on Fridays until 7:30 p.m. Early-bird Summer Season's passes are on-sale now at the Ticket Office in the village and if you buy now (before April 10, 2005), you can save $40!