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Red Bull Trail Building Challenge Opens Silver Star's Mountain Bike Park on June 23

Wed, 09/05/2007 - 11:00 pm

On June 23, Silver Star Mountain Resort kicks off its mountain biking season with the most unique trail building concept in North America. As the final snow melts off the runs, the Red Bull Trail Building Challenge is already under way. Three teams, each consisting of ten riders and trail builders, have been assigned sections of Silver Star's Double Dog trail. In the three weekends prior to Silver Star Bike Park's official opening on June 23, these teams will be building wooden features that will enhance the rideability and flow of the trail. Skinnies, teeters, wall rides – it's all up to each team to use their imagination (and building materials) to create the best features.

Red Bull's Scott Jewett says, "the involvement of local bike shops was crucial in finding the top local trail builder and building a team around this individual. These days, almost every town in BC has one or two guys who donate countless hours of their time and money to build trails for everyone’s enjoyment. Red Bull along with the shop owners identified these individuals and the crews starting coming together."

Each trail crews consist of a crew leader, five builders/workers and a selection of four riders on each team to 'test' the features as they are constructed. The three trail crews are represented by Brian Hammond (Olympia Cycle, Vernon), Ryan McKenna, (Gerick Cycle, Kelowna), and Cam Sorensen (Silver Star Mountain Resort). These three teams will be working hard to try and out-build each other and claim the overall "Trail Crew" project prize.

On June 23, RED BULL team riders Shaums March and Robbie Bourdon (and several other top pros) will ride Double Dog and announce the 'winner' of the Red Bull Trail Building Challenge.

Rick Harman of the Silver Star Bike Park says that "our trail crew is also working to buff out all of the sections between the features to ensure that we create the fastest, smoothest, best flowing trail out there. After the pros choose their favourites, Double Dog will then be opened to recreational riders for testing as well – grab a Red Bull and join in the fun!”

At this time, Silver Star staff would like to encourage riders to buy their Silver Star Bike Park season passes ON-LINE, to avoid long line-ups and congestion on the Opening Day and Canada Day long weekend.

For more information, contact:

Michael Ballingall, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Silver Star Mountain Resort,
Steven Threndyle, Media Relations Coordinator, Big White and Silver Star Mountain Resorts, (250) 764-2143;

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