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Operation Food Drive Proves To Be Huge Success

Tue, 24/11/2009 - 12:00 am

Operation Food Drive Proves Huge Success

Nov. 24/2009 - The residents of the Okanagan have responded overwhelmingly to Silver Star's Operation Food Drive in support of the Salvation Army Food Bank.

Silver Star collected more than $7,400 in cash and food donations over the weekend, after setting up shop at four local grocery stores.

David MacBain, community ministries director of the Salvation Army, said the contributions by the resort and the community will not go unnoticed.

"We at The Salvation Army Food Bank were very excited when we met with Silver Star staff as they volunteered their time last weekend to help restock our shelves," said David MacBain. "Seeing the enthusiasm on their faces and in their actions, it's no surprise that they brought in more than $5,000 in cash and $2,000 value in food donations in just eight hours at four locations around town."

Silver Star general manager Michael Sherwood said it was an extremely rewarding experience to be able to help make a difference in the community.

"We had so much positive feedback from everyone who donated on the weekend," said Sherwood. "People understand the great work by David and the rest of the Salvation Army and were more than happy to donate whatever they could. We just want to say thank you to everyone who contributed.

Sherwood said he was proud of his team at Silver Star for stepping up and taking the initiative to launch Operation Food Drive. It was a sentiment echoed by MacBain.

"To have a large local business, such as Silver Star Resort, take such an interest in the social needs of our local community is very encouraging. With their example, and that of several other smaller companies, we are finding the business sector increasingly aware of the social needs, and willing to act - to do something about it," said MacBain.

Sherwood said they look forward to continuing their fundraising efforts this Friday at the Downtown Vernon Association' annual Light-Up celebrations. The resort will be on hand accepting donations. For every $20 donation or the equivalent in non-perishable food items, Silver Star will hand out a lift ticket valid Saturday, Nov. 28 or Sunday, Nov. 29. The resort will also be accepting similar donations from its season pass holders this weekend in the village. Pass holders who donate will be eligible to win a 2010/11 season pass.

Sherwood said the resort has given out more than $12,000 worth of lift tickets for opening weekend. MacBain said he appreciates the efforts of everyone at the resort.

"We thank the driving forces behind the Silver Star Resort event for what they have provided to date, and look forward to working with them as their generous offer of a complimentary lift ticket on opening weekend is extended to this Friday's DVA light-up event. See you on the hill," noted MacBain.