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Opening weekend at Silver Star with Red Bull Trail Crew

Sat, 23/06/2007 - 11:00 pm

This weekend Silver Star Mountain Resort had the grand opening of the Summer Bike Park for 2007. Opening weekend was paired up with a one of a kind event partnered between Silver Star Mountain and Red Bull, called The Red Bull Trail Crew.
This unique competition put the spot light on the hard working trail builders from around the Okanagan that work tirelessly creating new stunts and features and restoring old features for everyone to enjoy. Three different crews worked for three weekends on their own section of Double Dog in the Silver Star Bike Park to see who could build the best stunts and lines.
On opening weekend mountain biking pros Robbie Bourdon, Shaums March, Wayne Goss, Kurt Sorge, Matt Brooks, Geoff Gulevich, and Steve Romaniuk, came to ride Double Dog with all the trail builders and session all of the new stunts and features. All of the pros graded each feature and section on originality, workmanship, creativity and fun factor and collectively decided which feature really stood out for them.
So congratulations go out to the Vernon Trail Building Crew captained by Brian Hammond for their section Welcome to Gnarnia. Every section in the Red Bull Trail Crew comp was absolutely awesome and the pros had a really tough time picking one section over another. So come up this summer and ride the new stunts on Double Dog and see which section you think is the best.
Below Images are of the winning feature Welcome to Gnarnia.
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