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Olympic Training in Full Swing at Silver Star

Thu, 04/02/2010 - 12:00 am

Nordic UpdateHey everybody, it's Glenn Bond here, nordic manager of Silver Star. Olympic training is in full swing here at the resort and if you've never had the pleasure of seeing these athletes compete, check out the Vancouver Winter Games. These are some of the most fit athletes in the world, covering distances in record times. Catching a glimpse of them at Silver Star is a real treat and puts into perspective the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to become an Olympic athlete.

Here's a brief overview of who is here at the moment:
• Czech Republic – has a number of medals contenders – watch for Lukas Bauer – he is a threat in every race. He just won the Tour de Ski which is similar to the famous Tour de France.

• Finland – expect two to six medals - Matti Heikkinen in the 15 km skate is a favourite to medal – watch him in the first xc ski event

• Japan - Solid team – would be a surprise if they have someone on the podium but they have has great training at Silver Star, so anything is possible

• Australia – watch Esther Bottomley in the classic sprint – Silver Star is her second home, she spends time at Silver Star every year and she graced the cover of the Silver Star XC brochure in 08/09

• USA - Garrott Kuzzy spent a month at Silver Star early season — watch him in the 15 km skate on February 15

• Canada – of course starts their ski season at Silver Star every year, watch Devon Kershaw in the pursuit, Chandra Crawford in the Sprint, Sara Renner in the sprint and team sprint, Axel Harvey in to the 50 km classic, men’s relay, it will be exciting all the way through.

In Biathlon, watch for:

• Norway - watch Halvard Hanevold, a double gold medalist in 2006 Olympics, the entire team has poduim results and will be a threat in every race.

• Russia - Has a number of medal contenders, a very large team – Russia has the most XC skiers in the world and the pressure is high for results

• Switzerland - Big guys, young team — expect them to fight for the podium, but they are underdogs.

I will be at the Olympic Games from Feb. 13 to the 28 with accreditation through Atomic International race service. This accreditation will enable me to be behind the scene and right in the action. I will be helping the Atomic athletes from all nations test their skis and ensure the are confident with their equipment before they hit the start line. It's similar to being in the pit crew of NASCAR, everything happens so fast and it must be perfect.

I will call results back to Silver Star with an update on athletes that trained at Silver Star and reached the podium.

I will be staying in Whistler with the Atomic service team, consisting of 10 guys. I am the only North America in this team — the rest come from Norway, Austria and Germany.

I am super excited to be part of such a historic event taking place in B.C. We offer some of the best skiing in the world, both nordic and alpine. It's great to have so many of the world's top athletes here to train and hopefully word spreads on what great conditions Silver Star offers. I have a front-row seat to the action and look forward to sharing those experience once the games begin.