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Kal Tire Round-Up fun for everyone

Fri, 09/03/2012 - 10:31 am

On March 17 & 18 the Vernon Ski Club (VSC) is hosting the ‘3rd Annual Kal Tire Round Up’ at Silver Star.  The event is a fun opportunity for anyone aged 5 to 13 years to experience the thrill of entering a race without having to belong to a ski club program. Kids who enter will get split up into two age groups 5-8 and 9-13 year olds and will try out two different kinds of racing. There will be a fun Skier Cross, the discipline that was so much fun to watch during the Olympics, and the “Under the Hill Downhill”, a take-off of the Over the Hill Downhill held at Silver Star earlier in the year. The racers will get the chance to try hitting small jumps and burms and then to try and go as fast as they can in a safe controlled situation. The whole idea is to recruit new skiers to the local clubs. “This is a great experiment in making events like these accessible to everyone” says Ken Clancy, VSC Club President. “We are hoping for more like this in the future. Grass roots participation is needed to grow winter sports like Skier Cross”.

The ‘Round Up’ is designed to be fun and does not take a lot of experience or special training.  “We are looking for confident skier’s who can ski runs like “Peanut Trail” or who like jumps in the trees or in the TELUS terrain park.  Being able to ski in control on blue runs at Silver Star is all the skill you need to enjoy this event” says John Armstrong, VSC Program Director and course designer.  Awards will be given by age and gender for fastest times, but just experiencing the fun is what it is all about.

The courses will be held on Walt’s run onto Big Dipper for the kid’s Skier Cross and on Far Out for the “Under the Hill Downhill" and Speed Trap. The skier cross track will have rollers and banked turns with the kids going one at a time instead of the traditional head to head format used at higher level events.  The downhill has some rolling terrain as well, but it designed to see what speed in km/hr these kids can ski at on moderate terrain. “The kids are usually more interested in their speed than their time” says Armstrong.

“We are happy to help the Ski Club host events like this” says Robin Baycroft, Silver Star Resort Services Manager. “Anytime we can get involved in creating excitement about the sport of skiing we will. The Olympics are still pretty fresh in everyone’s minds and by opening this event up to anyone who is interested we might find our next champion.”

All interested competitors will be required to sign a special event waiver, so make sure a parent or guardian comes along to watch. For more information and to register go to

Event schedule:

Saturday March 17 - 10am start
E1 (5 – 8yrs): “Under the Hill” Downhill on Far Out
E2 (9 – 13yrs: Ski Cross on Walt’s Run

Sunday March 18 – 10am start
E1: (5 – 8yrs): Ski Cross on Walt’s Run
E2: (9 – 13yrs): “Under the Hill” Downhill on Far Out

Awards: 3:45pm Both Days, Village Centre (In Front of Ski Dazzle)

For more information on Silver Star Mountain Resort contact Robin Baycroft at or 250-558-6025