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Interview with Beckie Scott, 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist Nordic Skiing

Sun, 24/10/2004 - 11:00 pm

What do you enjoy most about Silver Star Mountain Resort and why?

I really enjoy the easy access to the trails from your accommodation, and the variety of trails to choose from for training, which can be anything from a very easy tour to World Cup quality hills and terrain. I'm also a big fan of the Bugaboos bakery and can’t think of too many things better than finishing up a ski with a croissant and latte from there!

What is your pre-race breakfast?

It depends a little on where we are staying and what is offered, but generally I almost always go for meusli or oatmeal, yogurt and some good strong coffee.

What is your favourite restaurant at Silver Star and why?

I love the Bugaboos bakery and just about everything that you can get there, but I also like Putnam Station and the entertainment (particularly the whistle demonstration) provided by Russell.

How do you balance training and racing with the media and public relations?

I try to make training and keeping balance in my life a priority, and not let the media/public relations side of things get too distracting or take up too much energy. It was definately a learning process figuring out how to manage it after Salt Lake City, but having an agent managing the business aspect of it all and organizing a lot of it for me has really been helpful too.

How is married life treating you?

Great. Justin has been incredibly supportive through everything these past 2 1/2 years, and even gets out for the ocassional roller-ski work-out with me too.

What are your goals for this racing season?

This will be a bit of a different season for me because I ended up taking a number of months off this spring/summer to just figure some things out. I was very seriously contemplating retirement and decided to stop training altogether for awhile just to give myself a little break, so, I am not going into the season with a lot of training and preparation behind me. I am ok with that though... the most important thing was to stay healthy emotionally and mentally, and if my results suffer a little this year, that's ok. That's not to say I'm expecting poor results, but I doubt I'll be in reasonable racing shape before February. If it goes well, I hope to be in very good shape for the World Championships in Germany in February and have some good results there.

What words of wisdom would you give an up and coming racer?

I would say: work hard, be patient, follow your dreams, set goals all the time, believe in yourself, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Always make sure you are having fun enjoying the journey.

How many times have you been to Silver Star?

I have been coming to Silver Star ever since I was a junior, so I think that must be at least 12 years! That's a long time!! And I still look forward to it every year... that says something.

When training, what is your biggest focus? (i.e. heart rate, technique, strength, endurance, all the above)

It depends on the kind of session and time of year, but I really always try to gauge my training by feeling. I think that has been one of my strengths over the years — getting to know my physical self really well and modifying my training and preparation around that.