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Gallery Odin's 10th Anniversary Winter Exhibition

Tue, 08/11/2011 - 2:28 pm
Gallery Odin is happy to announce its 10th ANNIVERSARY Winter Exhibition and Sale

In conjunction with Silver Star winter season opening, to be held on Thursday,  Nov. 24th  6-10pm and Saturday, 26th, 2-6pm.

The 2011/12 Winter Art Show will feature 27 Canadian artists;  Bonnie Anderson, Glenn Clark, Colleen Couves, Ann Crook, Karel Doruyter, Julie Elliot, Dawn Emerson, Edward Epp, Leonhard Epp, Dennis Evans, Lynne Grillmair, Ginny Hall, Bob Kingsmill, Peter Lawson, Jerry R. Markham, Rosanna Marmont, Debby Merkel, Elizabeth Moore, Destanne Norris, Jean-Francois Racine, Barry Rafuse, Dana Roman, Al Scott, Julia Trops, Todd R. White, Deborah Wilson and Charlene Woodbury, 

The show features a variety of styles, mediums, themes, shapes and forms. There are striking multi-layered brilliant acrylics and oils; landscapes that capture the beauty and mystery of nature; bold mixed media abstracts; many coloured Brazilian soapstone, alabaster and jade carvings; one of a kind ceramic pieces; and intricate scrimshaw on fossilized mammoth tusks. It is a pleasure to show these artists, each with their own unique style that delights the visual senses. All visitors find something captivating in these interesting, eclectic works.    

Artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served.

Gallery Odin is located on the Knoll of beautiful Silver Star Mountain, BC, just a short stroll away from the village, at 215 Odin Road. After the November 24th and 26th Openings, the Gallery will be open every Wednesday and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm for the remainder of the winter season. Please call 250-503-0822 to visit Gallery Odin at other times.

Kal and Maria Molnar would like to invite all art-loving visitors to their opening receptions and/or to visit their gallery, Gallery Odin, later this winter.

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