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Day 2 Results from the President's Choice K2 Canadian Championships

Mon, 30/03/2009 - 11:00 pm

Clarke & Mackie Crowned Latest National Champions at the 2009 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships

VERNON, BC (March 31, 2009) – Mother Nature marked the end of March with heavy, intermittent snowfalls throughout the day, making for long but successful men’s super combined and ladies’ super G races at the 2009 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships in Silver Star, B.C.
Starting very early in the morning, more than 100 volunteers, course workers, Silver Star Mountain groomers, and coaches were rushed to the race track to battle 15 centimetre of fresh snow.
Following several hours of shovelling and subsequent start delays, the Race Organizing Committee took advantage of a few hours of clear skies to run the morning’s men’s and ladies’ super G runs. As heavy snow precipitations returned in the mid afternoon, the men completed the slalom leg of the super combined – thereby successfully carrying out the required two runs for the super combined title.
“I can’t say enough good things regarding all the hard work that was put in today by the volunteers and the Silver Star Mountain Resort,” said Garry van Soest, Race Chairman. “Thanks to everyone’s dedication and commitment, we were able to put on another successful and safe day of racing despite facing major weather challenges.”
“I’d also like to extend a special thanks to BC Alpine for making an exceptional financial contribution to cover for the additional expenses we incurred by concluding the races slightly beyond regular mountain operation hours,” added van Soest.
Men’s Super Combined
The men’s super combined saw America’s Logan Mackie take the gold with a combined time of 1:36.90. Achieving the 10th best super G run of the morning, Mackie powered to the top of the podium after skiing the fastest slalom run of the afternoon.
Broderick Thomson from B.C. had to settle for silver with an aggregate time of 1:37.46. Thomson, who set the pace in the super G was pushed back to second overall after clocking the 13th fastest slalom leg of the afternoon.
“I had a stellar super G run but only a decent slalom run,” explained Thomson after his race. “I wasn’t able to get the gold precisely because my slalom run wasn’t as aggressive as it could have been. I got pushed around in the ruts and should have pushed a lot more. Nevertheless, I’m very happy to be on the podium and look forward to more good racing later this week,” concluded the racer who has had the chance to compete on Silver Star’s Gypsy Queen piste for provincial and national events held previously.
Francis Toutant from Quebec rounded out the podium with a two-run time of 1:37.82. Toutant, who was the 14th best super G skier of the day, clinched the bronze following the second fastest slalom run of the afternoon.
Ladies’ Super G
The ladies’ super G race, which was held immediately following the men’s morning super G run, saw Ontario’s Devon Clarke take the gold with a speedy time of 1:05.86.
Clarke was followed by the USA’s Hana Saydeck who claimed the silver with a time of 1:06.63. Candace Crawford from Ontario clinched the bronze after stopping the watch at 1:07.02.
“I’m ecstatic with my win,” admitted Clarke. “My goal was to be in the top three and I knew I had to work on my aerodynamics to get there. I stayed focus on my objective and it feels really good to know that I belong with the best girls. For sure, it’s nice to compete on this slope for a second year in a row and to be able to improve on my performance from last year,” concluded the racer who had finished 14th in super G at the 2008 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships.
Due to the exceptionally long day, awards presentation for the men’s super combined and ladies’ super G will be held on Wednesday.

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Canadian Alpine Ski Team’s François Bourque Makes Surprise Visit at the President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships

The 2009 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships have been highlighted by the surprise presence of François Bourque, member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.
Bourque, who sustained a knee injury at the season opener World Cup downhill race at Lake Louise and has since undergone a successful rehabilitation, decided to attend this premiere K2 event in Silver Star in support of a friend competing in the event.
“My knee is doing very well and I’m very happy to be here to cheer on young, up and coming racers,” admitted Bourque who has four career World Cup podiums in super G and giant slalom.
To mark his presence, Bourque has participated in the awards ceremony following each race.
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