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Canada Day Long Weekend at the Star

Fri, 29/06/2007 - 11:00 pm

It was a beautiful sunny weekend up at Silver Star Mountain Resort and the bike park was pumping out happy riders all weekend. The trails were buff and ready to go with perfect tacky consistency to be able to ride hard and fast. Norco Performance Bikes were visiting Silver Star this weekend bringing with them a whole stable of bikes to demo and pro riders Ryan Leech and Jay Hootz. Ryan Leech put on 2 amazing trails show right in the heart of the village and had the audience stunned with his talent.
Canada day up at the Star was a great day for riding. The trails were hard packed and fast and riders came as far away as Thailand to come check out our wickedly fun trails. Birthday cake was served to celebrate Canada’s 140th birthday and everyone was welcome to take part.
The village had a great vibe all weekend with people really enjoying themselves, whether they were up to sight-see, hike, bike, or just mingle around and have something to eat. It was a great weekend up here at the mountain and definitely a lot of fun, so get your bike ready and get up here because this is only the beginning of summer biking, there is still a lot more to be had.