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Bike Park Update with Cam Sorensen

Sun, 02/05/2010 - 11:00 pm

May 3, 2010

After visiting more than 100 shops in the past month, the consensus is the mountain bike industry is healthy! Shops are having record Spring sales and people are out riding!There is a lot of hype about Silver Star right now and people are jonesing to get on the chair. Unfortunately, we still have way too much snow in the park!We will all have to wait until June 24 when we have the tails clear of snow and buffed for the season opener. In the mean time I am going to head down to Moab for a little riding while the last of the Okanagan Powder melts away.Don't forget to buy your early bird seasons pass and save a few bucks!
See you out there.Later!

Cameron Sorensen
Bike Park director