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Attention Silver Star Property Owners

Sun, 19/08/2007 - 11:00 pm

Attention Silver Star Property Owners:
Silver Star Ski Resort Ltd. is now recruiting owners for its
2007/2008 Staff Accommodation Program.

This program is designed to provide Silver Star Property Owners with a stable source of rental income and help resort staff with their seasonal and long-term accommodation needs.
Silver Star Staff Accommodation Program 07/08: this program is designed for those Owners who seek the peace-of-mind of having our company manage your property: No stress, no rents to collect, no tenant interviews, no check-ups on your tenants, and no worries about repairs! In this program Silver Star Ski Resort Ltd. will do the following:
1. Lease your unit for a period of 5 months; from November 15th to April 15th. (Rental rates and the number of tenants will depend on the unit).
2. At the beginning of the season we will inspect your property with you, record an inventory list, and take pictures of the unit.
3. We will screen and house our employees in your property. These employees will sign a contract that requires them to abide by our program’s House Rules and your building’s bylaws.
4. We will complete monthly inspections of your property to ensure that it is being properly maintained.
5. At the end of the season we will complete any repairs required, to assure you that your property is returned to you as it was received (less general wear and tear). At our cost!
If you are interested in the Silver Star Staff Accommodation Program please contact Matt Robertson at (250) 558-6073 or at