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Attendance, Retail, and Sales Records Fall at Big White and Silver Star over Busiest Holiday Period Ever!

Tue, 03/01/2006 - 12:00 am

With a helping of champagne powder from Mother Nature, Big White and Silver Star resorts experienced a record-breaking holiday period from December 26 – January 2.

“It’s important to note that all aspects of our operations benefited from the tens of thousands of guests who experienced fabulous Okanagan conditions between Christmas and New Year’s. Clearly, skiers and snowboarders adjusted their plans due to reports that BC 's West Coast was ‘melting away,’ commented Michael J. Ballingall, Senior Vice-President at Big White and Silver Star Resorts. "We saw an enormous influx of customers from Washington State and throughout the Pacific Northwest."

Highlights include:

· Largest one-day skier visitation at Silver Star (6,500) and Big White (over 11,000). On Thursday, December 29.

· Largest day ever at Silver Star 's and Big White’s equipment rental department. Wednesday, December 28.

· Central Reservations “sell outs” on accommodation for all dates in the holiday period.

· Largest overall attendance and resort visits for holiday period at both resorts.

· Biggest number of ski/snowboarding lessons ever sold at each resorts.

“We set records for revenue in food and beverage, rental, lessons, and accommodation,” continues Ballingall. “On New Year’s Eve, over four thousand guests gathered to ring in 2006 at Silver Star, with another 6,000 watching the fireworks display at Big White. Our restaurants experienced record volumes with the most popular items being fast food eg) slices of pizza and fries and gravy. People just wanted to get back onto the mountain as quickly as possible!”

Conditions right now are truly remarkable at both resorts. A storm on January 3rd dumped over 20 centimetres of traditional Okanagan champagne powder, as vacationing families from Alberta Manitoba and Ontario enjoy their second week of school break. Both resorts will experience continuous check in from Australian guests in record numbers commencing January 4th.