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1516 Drop In Rail Jam Another Huge Success

Mon, 22/01/2007 - 12:00 am

With close to 90 skiers/riders competing in the second of our four 1516 Drop In Rail Jams, we saw some amazing & sick tricks from everyone who came out. We had epic features created by our hardest working Telus Park Crew. Thanks guys for a great job! Challenging all girls out there - come out & show the guys how it's done. Our next Rail Jams are Feb.19 & Mar. 24. See you there!
Here are the talented winners of each category:

Male Snowboarders:
1. Jon Versteg
2. Charles Beckinsale
3. Tom McGrath
Male Skiers:
1. Cam Shuster
2. Mike Mertion
3. Andrew Pool

Female Snowboarders:
1. Katie Matheson
2. Hannah Studd
3. Jessica Kimura
Female Skiers:
1. Steffie Brenner