Whats New for 2011/2012?

Submitted by Dustin on Tue, 01/11/2011 - 6:06 pm

The snow is starting to fly up here at SilverStar! Our ideas, creations, expansions, and building plans are flowing pretty heavy as well! It’s gonna be another big year for Silver Star Terrain Park. With thoughts and predictions on another La Nina snow year, only means good things for our all-natural snow park.

ROCKSTAR Snow Cross Track

  ROCKSTAR is on board for another season with the signature ROCKSTAR snow cross track on lower Simple Pleasures in Silver Woods. This year, even bigger and better! With the relocation of the Kiddie Terrain Park over to Big Dipper, it will allow us to utilize a larger area, more snow farming, more lanes, and more fun!



New PB 400 Park Cat!

We have beefed up our building capabilities, efficiency, and overall reliability of our terrain park. We took possession of our new investment a week ago, and can’t wait to push around some snow, and deliver results! Weighing in with 370 horsepower (twice as much as our old one), equipped with the ParkBlade for shaping and easily moving rail features, and the ParkFlex tiller for smoothing out fresh corduroys, and jump trannys! This ain’t your average mtn. kitty, it’s a park specific beast!



Fresh coats of paint, color, grinding sparks, and some new friendly metal, is what you will find myself, and Andy up to here early season. We’ve cooked up a few new creations for the park, and resurrected some oldies as well. We will have 2 new fat pipe features, a 30ft long (pole jammable) down tube, 24ft incline pipe, triangle wall ride with up rail, new flat box, and coaster box



Kiddy Park

We have relocated our Kiddy Park to the skiers right hand side of the TELUS Park.  We have a nicer slope to maintain, better area for progression, and the music atmosphere of the big brother park right beside. You can find

The Kiddie park area will serve as a training ground for new

Riders and skiers looking to make the step up  to Telus

Terrain Park. It will be geared towards quick progression with 7-10 small features.

Our park staff is excited to get rolling, and start building! Training will start mid November, and shaping soon to follow.

Make sure to scope all features in the park, as they will be changing frequently. Always respect the terrain, the people who build it, and the other users in the park. Make sure to read our signs, feature markings, and ride within your limits, and snow conditions.

Stay posted on the blog for updates and info, see you up here this winter!

Pray for snow!