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Guy has a long and positive history with Silver Star and the Canadian Ski industry. He is nationally respected as an ambassador for the sport of skiing. Guy has a real passion for teaching the skiing of all kinds. He is a former member of two Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance Interski teams and numerous industry boards. He was recently inducted into the Selkirk College Ski Resort Operations & Management “Hall of Fame” (2011.)

Coming from Norwegian roots, he grew up as a Nordic skier near Manning Park, BC and has since increased his level of involvement with the Canadian Association of Nordic Instructors (CANSI) where he holds a Level III certification and is a recently certified Course Conductor. He currently acts as a Pacific Committee Member and National Technical Committee Advisor.

As an avid trail runner / mountain biker / paddler in the off season months, he can be found on the single track trails and local lakes during the summer.

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