josh dueck

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I’m a skier, a dreamer, and a freedom seeker.
I’m driven by my love for the mountains, and I’m always on the hunt for the next adventure to embark on or the next challenge to conquer.
While there’s still a lot to accomplish, my desire is to break down boundaries and find freedom from my disability have resulted in some pretty major achievements: my recent debut in Mike Douglas’ award-winning short film, ‘Freedom Chair’; a gold medal in Mono Skier Cross at the 2011 X Games; a silver medal at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games; and a gold medal in downhill at the 2009 World Championship.
When time and weather permit, you’ll find me racing down courses or flying through the air as a freeskier. When I’m not fulfilling those passions, I’m out sharing my love and zest for life with everyone I meet or I’m shaping my dreams into reality.
I attribute my success in life to being connected to the present moment. My motto is, "The only difference between the impossible and the possible is one’s attitude.”
I enjoy spending time speaking to those within my community and challenging others to dream big, because how we see the world shapes what we do!
A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.
—Mahatma Gandhi