Feature Updates and Park Expansion through MIDDLE DIPPER!

Submitted by Dustin on Thu, 24/11/2011 - 4:12 pm


Expansion-Features-Photos 2011/2012

We are pumped to announce that for 2011/2012 season, we will be expanding the Terrain Park through Middle Dipper!! This will allow for more feature lines, more hits, more creativity, and enough Terrain Park "Leg Burn"at the end of the day to wanna check yourself into OUSIA Day Spa!

We will also have a small feature line for you to session come opening day. You'll see roughly 5-6 features to get down on! Nov 24th!


WESTBEACH has come on board as a feature sponsor for this season, and prizing in our 1515 Rail Jams. Not to mention locally handcrafted SKEVIK skis, DaKineROCKSTAR, andELECTRIC Eyewear! You can expect some swag giveaways, feature prizing at our rail jams, and legendary Showdown Throwdown Hoedown!



We will be announcing 2 more new features soon to come!

Stay tuned!