2012/2013 Terrain Parks

Submitted by Dustin on Thu, 06/12/2012 - 4:48 pm


ROCKSTAR Terrain Parks




Well, the season is upon us and we are all anxiously waiting to drop into the terrain parks! We’ve got a ton of new and exciting announcements to mention to everyone starting with our ROCKSTAR sponsorship agreement. ROCKSTAR energy drink will be the title sponsor of all of our terrain parks here at Silverstar. We will have a ton of swag giveaways at all of our park events.



We’ve cooked up a few new features for our parks as well, including a new 12” down flat, fat pipe,  a 24ft long flat drop flat box, a smaller flat down box for the kiddy lane, and the signature Oakley O feature.  Keep an eye on the web for some promotional contest using this feature, and other sorts, with the likes of WESTBEACH, and ROCKSTAR.




We’ve invested in a ton of dirt/earth work into our slopestyle lane, bringing you earlier jump lines, bigger trannies, and in the end safer step over style jumps and progression. Get stoked,  and will see you up here!