Fat Biking

Fat Bike Trails are now CLOSED for the season. Thank you for riding with us and we look forward to seeing you again next winter. Stay tuned for new trail updates this summer.

Silver Star Mountain Resort is pleased to announce Fat Biking has been permanently added to the my1Pass list of activities; yet another incredible way to enjoy the snow at Silver Star. Who hasn't wanted to try riding on a bike actually made for riding in the snow!!!

Fat Biking at Silver Star is here to stay! There will be more than 15 km of fat bike trails open for riders and a fleet of rental bikes available, along with introductory sessions, ladies' nights and Thursday night rides.

What trails can I bike on?

About Fat Biking

A fat-bike is a bicycle with over-sized tires, typically 3.75” or wider, on wide rims. The frame of the bicycle has been modified to fit these wider tires and rims. They are designed to ride on soft unstable terrain like snow and sand. They were originally designed to ride/race on the snow in Alaska and for touring in the deserts of New Mexico. The history of fat-bikes begins in the late 1980s when regular bikes were modified to allow racers to compete in the Iditabike (later to become Iditasport) race in Alaska. About the same time bikes were being modified in the Southern US to ride the deserts in New Mexico.

A number of mountain resorts in both the US & Canada now permit Fat Biking or are in the process of trialing it. With recent articles about fat-biking have appearing in several mainstream publications in 2013 including the Globe & Mail, the Wall Street Journal, and Wired Magazine the effect on fat bike sales are on the rise. QBP (Quality Bicycle Products), a bicycle manufacturer and fat-bike industry leader, estimates that 10,000 bikes have been sold from 2005 to 2012 and predicts 10,000 more bikes to be sold in 2013/2014.

For further information about fat-biking at Silver Star Mountain Resort, please contact Guy Paulsen, Nordic Manager (250.558.6085 office / 250.503.7758).

Rules of the Road

​Rules of the Road

  • All riders must have a visible & valid pass to ride snow bikes on permitted trails at all times.
  • Fat Biking is included with the purchase of a valid  alpine, xc cross day ticket and/or season passes. Fat bike only tickets are available at on mountain ticket outlets and need to be purchased before riding the trails.
  • Tires must be 3.75” or wider with a tire pressure less than 10 PSI – no exceptions.
  • Helmets are required at all times when riding on the trail
  • All riders must stay on designated snow bike trails. Fat Biking is not permitted anywhere else but on Bridle Path (two way) and Tin Can Alley (one way).
  • All riders are to observe & follow Trail Courtesy Signage.
Thursday & Saturday Night Rides

Thursday & Saturday Night Rides

PLEASE NOTE: Thursday and Saturday Night Rides are now CLOSED for the season. Thank you for coming out and riding with us this season. We look forward to seeing you again next winter!

Welcome to the Silver Star Thursday & Saturday Night Rides. Let our guide staff show you our exclusive fat bike world after hours. Please complete the form below. Space is limited so make sure you complete the form and send it in before 12:00 noon on scheduled ride dates. In the event of a cancellation all registered riders will be notified by email no later than 3:00PM. All riders must be of an intermediate level mountain bike skill level in reasonable health / fitness.

Ride Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm (please arrive 15 minutes early). Meet in front of Snowsports School in the village centre.

Gear Required:

  • Fat Bike: You are required to bring your own fat bike (minimum tire size 3.8"). If you need a rental please contact our Rental Shop (see below) before registering to ensure they have a bike available.
    • Rentals: To reserve a Fat Bike rental, please contact our Rental ShopReservations are highly recommended as we have a limited quantity available.
  • Head Lamps:  You are required to bring your own head lamp.

TRAIL PASSES: Please note that Trail Passes for Fat Biking are required if you do not have a My1Pass day ticket, Nordic or Alpine Season Pass. Fat Bike trail passes are available at the rental shop for $5.00.

Night Ride Registration: Click Here 

NOTE: If you require a Fat Bike Rental, please contact Rentals first to ensure you can get a bike.

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